Galvanized Two Tiered Farmhouse Stand Fall Vignette

October 3, 2018Katie

This weekend Mr. Wonderful joyously climbed the attic stairs to gleefully pull down my numerous tubs of Fall decorations.

And by joyously, I mean he fussed at me for ten minutes before tromping up the stairs and trying to be happy about it.

He truly is Wonderful.

I had purchased this two-tiered galvanized stand at Hobby Lobby a few weeks back, and let me tell you, this thing has become super handy.  I’ve filled both levels with hamburger and hot-dog fixings, and during a pizza making party, you can fit SO many toppings, sauces and forks and spoons, etc. in this thing. Then you just carry it out to the fixings table. It also doesn’t take up near as much room as all those bowls on the counter or table.

I knew for fall I wanted to fill it with warm-toned colors and put it at the center of my kitchen table, so Saturday I got after it and I think it turned out pretty darn cute don’t you?

To begin, at the top of it, I tucked a cute little sign with a picture of Mr. Wonderful and I from our first Valentine’s Day after we got married. My sis-in-law gifted us with a few weeks ago as she found it when going through pictures at her house. I had to wire the sign to the stand handle to stabilize it, but I wanted it to have some height at the top so this worked perfectly.

I also randomly placed some fall-themed and colored coffee cups with a cute fall napkin tucked inside each one around both tiers.

The little bales of hay really helped elevate some of the shorter items to showcase them.

To make a successful vignette, you should have varying sizes, shapes, textures and heights. I loved tucking some of these cute little multi-colored dried corn cobs into a cappuccino cup. I also added some piled-up mandarin oranges into a low bowl, cuz, well, they’re orange.

A cute gold trimmed bright green pumpkin, some sprigs of mustard colored goldenrod and a cute white-ribbed pitcher of wooden spoons helped round out a perfect setup for a cup of coffee on a cool fall morning.

Other ideas came to me like cutting the stems off and placing in a few fall colored large flowers.

I also added white and orange pumpkins as well as a mason jar candle holder for some interest.

I was pretty pleased with how this turned out. My one regret is I won’t be able to use it for condiments now at any fall parties!


  • Marie at the Lazy W

    October 9, 2018 at 8:16 pm

    I love it's, so welcoming and cheerful! It also looks like your armoir is now filled with autumn colored serving dishes. So classy and beautiful xoxo Happy fall, friend!!
    1. Katie

      October 10, 2018 at 2:50 pm

      Marie at the Lazy W - aww thanks sweet friend! I do so love the colors of fall! It's my fav time of year for sure!

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