April 8, 2020Katie

Attention! Free Beef giveaway!  I am so happy to offer you this giveaway today from Circle K Angus Farm Prime Quality Beef! Please share with your friends, because…who wouldn’t want $50 worth of great quality beef?

You may remember I cooked with it the other day when I made my Cowboy Steak and Beans recipe!

I am so happy to share this giveaway. I’ve been reading about the farm and it is pretty amazing stuff!

Just listen to this little blurb from their website!!

“We are a small family farm striving to make a difference by managing our soil and forages in a holistic regenerative manner. The results are cleaner and healthier air, water, animals, and ultimately people.

The number one priority on our farm is to be a good steward of this amazing creation God has given us.  It is our belief that healthy food begins with healthy soil. This is the main reason for our organic practices.”

Here are the details!

If you are a follower of Dishin and Dishes, you can qualify to win a $50 bundle of Circle K Angus Farm Prime Quality Beef.

We are offering this giveaway only to members of this group as our way of introducing ourselves to your community and to encourage you to support local farms and ranches.

My wife Jessica and I started Circle K Angus Farm with a commitment to provide individuals and families with healthy, delicious, local products and to thoughtfully raise our animals and care for the land.

Circle K Angus Farm currently offers shipping to homes in Oklahoma and this giveaway bundle will be shipped at no charge to the winner.


1. Let us know in the comments if you would want to win our Ground Beef Bundle, or a Variety Bundle.

2. Follow this link to enter to win:

3.Tag a friend or share and like Circle K Angus Farm to get your name in the hat twice.

The winner of this free beef giveaway will be announced after the close of the giveaway on  April 15th!

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