Foodie Stocking Stuffers

December 12, 2012Katie

What to stuff  into your favorite foodies’ stocking this year?

I’ve been looking and these are a few things I’ve found that I love.

For the sushi lover…($7.99)

This glass ornament is from Bronner’s, the largest Christmas store in the worlds ( This store is near my hometown in Michigan!

For the coffee lover, an iPhone case cover. ( $3.49)


For the cheese lover…Double Creme Brie With Truffles ( $7.99). Have mercy!

For the wine enthusiast…monogrammed wine stoppers. These are just beautiful and elegant.

For the chef or gourmet home cook.

Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt from Savory Spice Shop ( 1 oz. bag $9.00).  My friend Abel owns the Savory Spice Shop here in Oklahoma City, and this is among the top of my stocking stuffer wishes (hint, hint).

For the bacon and chocolate lover..this is the best of both worlds…Mo’s Chocolate Bacon Bar ( $7.50).  And you thought you could only get chocolate covered bacon at the fair!




Foodie Flashcards! Brush up on your gourmet genius and foodie dialect!

And finally, the Microplane Ultimate Citrus Zester. ( $14.95)

I have two Microplane graters already, but I love the wider plane on this one for zesting citrus fruits like lemons or oranges.

These gifts would be great to stuff into any foodie’s stocking, give as a hostess/host gift for a holiday party or just leave under the tree this Christmas!

P.S.   My stocking still has room if you’re looking to stuff it!


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