Wow – I made it through one full week of the new fitness routine!  By day 3,  I was waking up before the alarm at 5:15.  Getting up was not the problem.  Getting my act together was.  

We are going  to the gym early, before work, and this requires us to get ready in the locker rooms at the gym.  This also means we have to pack all our stuff to get ready for work and take it with us, including toiletries, hair stuff, make-up, clothes, pantyhose, shoes, jewelry, undergarments, etc.

Here’s how I did for week 1:

Day #1 – Forgot my jewelry and my lock for the locker.  Worried that my clothes would get stolen and I’d be going to work in cut-off sweatpants and an old t-shirt.

Day #2  – Forgot my clothes.  Had to cut my work-out short to drive home for clothes.

Day #3 – Forgot my towel.  Have you ever towel dried yourself with those crunchy brown paper towels in a public bathroom?

Day #4 – Decided to wash my hair at the gym.  Figured out the gym blow dryers only put out .00001 watts of blow power.  Took 30 minutes to dry my hair.

Day #5 – Remembered every single thing! 

At least I finished off the week on a good note!  

Now, I completely unpack my bag for the weekend so I have to start all over again Monday.  And I’m wondering, will I wake up at 5:30 am on Saturday morning? Argh!

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