4-5-09 Meet the Dogs

6-20-09 If Dogs Could Say “Can You Come Out and Play?”

11-13-09 Dogs and Leaves Don’t Mix Well

11-19-09 This Dog Has Me Soooo Wrapped

2-17-10 Our Own Personal Garfield and Odie

2-27-10 My New Granddog

10-17-10 Suckers For Dogs

2-2-11 Even the Dogs Have Cabin Fever

2-10-11 Who’s the Alpha?

3-2-11 My New Best Friend PK

3-8-11 Who’s Sleeping Under Your Window?

3-10-11 Pets Everywhere

3-16-11 Oh No

6-7-11 Hey Old Man

8-4-11 Hot Dogs and Dogs- a Bad Combination

2-11-12 Remembering Abby