Fall Farmhouse Apple Cider Two Tiered Stand

September 30, 2019Katie

After decorating my house for fall, I knew I needed to switch over my Summer Two-Tiered Lemonade Stand over to a Fall Farmhouse-themed Apple Cider Two Tiered Stand.


However, you’d be surprised how tough it is to find red signs and apple things in the usual autumn-orange-and-brown colored decor at stores!  I found plenty to make this farmhouse stand last year in those colors!

My earliest memories in Michigan are visiting apple orchards in the fall, with the giant trees blazing with fire with the color of autumn leaves, fresh cake doughnuts brimming with cinnamon sugar and freshly-pressed apple cider. There is NOTHING like it.

I love cider deeply as you may have realized by some of my recipes involving using it like my Chicken with Cider Sauce and Apples or my Brown Sugar and Cider Glazed Turkey Meatballs.

I managed to find a few things and mixed them with some items I already on hand at home. The end result I think is very red, fall-themed and pretty! I hope you enjoy my Farmhouse Fall Apple Cider Two Tiered Stand as much as I do!

Fall farmhouse two tiered stand apples

You can’t see it in the back but I have packets of cider mix in that white jar to add to hot water for a hot steaming mug of goodness but once it hits the stores, here we’ll also have the fresh stuff in the refrigerator. There are rose-gold hued mule mugs, cinnamon sticks and wooden spoons to add to the fun!

Farmhouse fall themed Two tiered stand


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