Fall Decor for the Porch

October 4, 2017Katie
how to plant in a birdbath


Ok so it’s Oklahoma and we get started a tad late on our fall decor…

On account of it’s often in the 90’s clear through September.

It’s hard to think of hayrides and carving pumpkins when it’s 90º because, well, hay sticks to sweat and pumpkins rot too quickly.

We had a few weeks of coolness, which found me every night out on the deck out back in our double lounge chair book in hand. I’m hooked on Joel Rosenberg’s books right now and crave every moment of quiet time to get back into one.

The garden is slowing down it’s offerings, but we’re still clipping okra daily that is reaching to the sky and endless cherry tomatoes, a few eggplants and peppers by the drove. Last year we froze enough peppers to get us through the winter without having to buy any. We currently have red and green bells, poblanos, banana peppers, shishitos (my love), serranos, jalapenos and their less-hot cousins Coolapenos and a new one this year -Asian Five Peppers. They make the best pepper flakes ya’ll!

I finally got around to decorating the porch for fall last weekend and i wanted to show you my most favorite thing about it.

But first I put out old Phinneas, Master of all Crow kind.

He wins because of seniority!

names for scarecrows

Phionneas has been around for quite a while and he always commands a not-so-scary scarecrow presence on the porch.

I think at one time Phinneas may have been a lady, I can’t really remember,  but over the years her hair has fallen out and now well…she’s Phinneas.

In front of ol’ Phinneas is a hay bale (future bedding for our girls) with a couple of pumpkins and a magenta-colored mum to set it all off.

I think Phinneas appreciates the footstool.

See that stone basket on the pedastal? I fell for that one year in Northern Michigan at a little nursery but quickly learned that here in our fiery summers, you cannot keep the thing watered due to its slender and tiny base for dirt…

This is why silk flowers were created no?

On the other side of the porch in between the chairs, a cute little welcome sign my sis-in–law gave me sits to say hello, fall style.

And in front of those in one of the beds flanking the porch is another sign proclaiming the season.

But on the other side sat a bird bath…and not just any bird bath.

A cracked bird bath that I’ve been meaning to try to repair or plant something in as it will no longer hold water.


how to plant in a birdbath

I found this small pumpkin for dirt cheap and filled the birdbath with some healthy rich potting soil. Then I tucked the smallest mums and pansies and violas I could find, (again very inexpensive!) around it in all colors. The crack in the birdbath is perfect for drainage…see? You can always find a silver lining in every cloud!


All in all I’ve been quite please with the overall effect.

Now that we’ve got the front porch taken care of, we’ll need to get working on our back deck. Perhaps some beautiful outdoor furniture is next!

Happy Fall ya’ll!

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