Epicurean’s Pantry

December 29, 2010Katie

1333 N. Santa Fe Ave
Edmond, OK

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Look up the definition of “Epicurean” and you’ll find this description:

“Devoted to the pursuit of sensual pleasure, especially to the enjoyment of good food and comfort.”

Shop at Epicurean’s Pantry and you’ll understand why the name was chosen.

As you walk into Epicurean’s Pantry, Leah Haskins is buzzing around, helping one customer with some of her incredible cheeses and showing another a flavored vinegar in an adjoining section of the store.  She is very intent on making personal contact with each and every customer personally that may wander in to view some of the culinary delights inside.  Epicurean  Pantry is a gourmet ecclectic potpourri of everything from imported olive oils to chocolates with bacon to jalepeno griller pans.  Looking for something special for a dinner party or just a unique foodie gift?

Look no further than Epicurean Pantry.

My daughter Kayla and I browse through the shelves and shelves of gourmet offerings while we wait to talk to her.  We see things like beautiful artsy wine glasses.

But that’s not all in the lines of cocktail service offered at Epicurean Pantry.  Upon walking in the door, if you were to look to your left you would see this.

This is Cocktail Corner and there is everything you can find there to make your New Year’s Cocktail special.

Keep on walking and you’ll find shelves full of foodie wonders like olive oils from California and also Greece, among just a few.

How about complementing that olive oil with some aged balsamic vinegar?

The shelves are packed with so many intriguing things, I couldn’t possibly list them all…things like pestos, and not just basil pesto.  There was a cilantro pesto and asparagus pesto.

Or how about those cool tubes of tomato or anchovie paste you see on TV but can never find in the market?

And even sundried tomato paste? Yum!

Another feature that captivated me at Epicurean Pantry was the cheese.

Ask for a taste and pick one that you love.  I am slowly acquainting myself with different cheeses and it’s becoming a passion.

And once you become a cheese fan? There are plenty of tools to help you out with your new addiction.  Things like graters.

Things like spreaders and cutters.

And if you’re a fondue fan?

There are some quaint pots along with cutting boards and other offerings.

This section housed things like stuffed olives – olives stuffed with citrus, bleu cheese, jalepenos and garlic.  I was also pleased to see sauces and spices from some of my favorite people – the Scaffetta’s (see their restaurant here or what I did with their Alfredo sauce).

And speaking of the Alfredo sauce, it must be refrigerated  (due to no preservatives), and was in one of the refrigerated sections at Epicurean Pantry.  There was also creme fraiche and other delicious offerings as well.  Another cooler case held local meats like No Name Ranch.  I love the fact that Leah does feature many Oklahoma-made products in her store.

Are you a spice freak?

Think exotic salts like aged balsamic sea salt…and many more.

And lastly, just because I loved this little quirky shelf…how about a Jalepeno Griller in the shape of Oklahoma.  What a great gift for Father’s Day or for your favorite BBQ grillin guy!

Towards the back of the store, is a kitchen area that Leah says local chefs will host cooking classes at.

Next time you’re in the Edmond area, check out Epicurean’s Pantry and pick up some of these great foodie finds…you’ll be back and hooked if you do!


  • Lacey Elaine Dillard

    December 29, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    Any chance they carry Grains of Paradise? It's a spice I've been dying to try out, but can't bring myself to mail order! I'll have to check out the salt selection as well .. sounds delicious! Thanks for the post, Katie!
    1. dishinanddishes

      December 29, 2010 at 3:35 pm

      Lacey - I bet you could call her on the number at the top of the post and she would help you find it if she doesn't carry it!

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