Eateries During the Past Year

February 22, 2011Katie

Here at Dishin and Dishes, I don’t profess to be a chef, or heaven help me, a food expert.

Dishin is all about an education of the palate (mine), and sharing my experiences. It’s about learning as I go and having fun while doing so. Over the past year I’ve experienced some great culture while living right here in Oklahoma City.

I’ve tried so many varieties of ethnic foods right here in my city.  Cuisines like Thai, Ethiopian, Vietnamese, Guatemalan, Chinese (authentic), Italian, Cajun, Peruvian and many others.

And at every place we’ve met the nicest people.

Even a little quaint place in  Anadarko (Nicoli’s) with generational Italian family recipes and the nicest people ever.

Because isn’t that what food and dining is all about?

Enjoying something fabulous to eat and drink over conversation and yakking with people?

I’ve met some great chef personalities who I had the grand opportunity of watching in action…

I even got to watch a little pizza tossing.

It was also so enjoyable to meet some fellow foodies and also get acquainted with some of the personalities that make these places run, or even own them and truly understand the passion and hard work that goes into a restaurant.

It’s been pretty special dining around the world right here in Oklahoma City.  Whether it’s exotic food or good ol’ American cuisine, Oklahoma City has a treat in store for diners and a huge variety of possibilities.

The above collage shows why I must now get back in my regular work-out routine, which has been greatly hampered by a broken toe over the past few weeks.

Don’t ask…

However, nothing will stop Mr. Wonderful and I from another year of exploring out new dining possibilities…

It’s just in our blood now…


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