Dogs & Leaves Don't Mix Well

November 13, 2009Katie

We are having the oddest weather around here.  It’s mid-November and my back yard is full of leaves.  But it’s been in the 70’s most every day.

And there is green grass.

And leaves falling.


Look again at that picture from above.  You’ll see that I still have thriving tomatoes popping out.


Seriously, I have a huge bowl full right now on my kitchen counter of several varieties.  I’m not complaining…it’s just…


If I used both hands and all my toes, I couldn’t count the number of times during the day these dogs go in and out.

And when they come in, they have leaves stuck to various parts of their body.


We’re vacuuming very day it seems.  The door opens and it’s like a tornado of leaves blowing in.

And speaking of tornadoes.


Man, it’s tough to get a picture of this one standing still.


The consummate party animal.  He adores playing in the leaves and is scratching the door to go out all the time now.

Somebody please come and rake my leaves.


  • Fran J

    November 13, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    Sorry, I raked mine yesterday (2nd time) l large and one med bagful. The wind took care of the rest. That's the front yard with huge fruitless mulberry leaves ; the backyard will probably look like yours as I have a red maple in back and the leaves are everywhere. When the first freeze comes, then all the rest of those big leaves will fall - more work.
  • Mikki

    November 13, 2009 at 7:02 pm

    Aww. What cutie pies you have there!!

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