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May 25, 2019Katie

On May 17th, 2019 my daddy went to heaven to celebrate forever with Jesus. Only because It’s tough to express my feelings again I thought I’d share what I spoke at the funeral for you. So here we go…

What do you say about the worlds best dad?

I know everyone thinks they have the worlds best dad, but I REALLY did.

When I posted about dad’s passing on Facebook, there were hundreds of comments about him and there seemed to be a few common denominators.

I kept seeing the words “kind, sweet, gentle, and Godly”. These words couldn’t be a more accurate description of my dad.

When you talked to my dad he was 100% present in the moment as if whatever you were talking about was super important to him.

He was a great listener. And in his kind quiet way he offered gentle wisdom. And he was pretty much always right.

I went through his bible the other night and he consistently underlined things that, to me, spelled out exactly what it meant to be Christ-like.

He underlined things like the Golden Rule in Matthew 7:12. Loving your neighbor as yourself was second nature to my dad. From his “actual neighbors” to just about anyone, even a stranger to the two boys who lived across the street from me in Oklahoma. City. These boys were considered to be the neighborhood misfits, yet my dad could be found playing catch with them outside. He knew everyone deserved love.

I think because of this, he instilled something in me. Something that makes me want to see all the lovable but also seemingly unloveable people through God’s eyes.

That’s what my dad did.

He fully underlined verses in Matthew 6 about knowing where to store up your treasure. He knew not to store them up in earthly things but in heaven. And Dad knew that to do that now, he needed to store up treasures here on earth and he did that by fostering relationships.

And he did that so well.

Growing up, when Dad got home from a long day at work, he was always present for his family, from coaching my sports teams to playing basketball on the driveway to cooking the best steaks out in the grill, to just being there for a quiet talk with my brother and I if we needed help with life.

When my uncle Duane passed away too early in life, Dad became not only a loving uncle, but also an adopted father and grandpa to his kids and grandkids, attending ballets, recitals and ballgames whenever he could.

He loved my Mom so well for almost 60 years, even when she backstreet drove for fully almost 60 years of that time.

August would have been their 60th anniversary.

Right up until the end I knew he was concerned about leaving her behind and whether every last detail would be taken care of for her.

I married the love of my life because guess what? He has the same soft gentle soul of my father. Thanks for modeling love so well dad.

I count myself tremendously blessed to have the world’s best dad. I will forever look back on his example to lead me through life.

l am so thankful that I was gifted for 52 years with his sweet spirit.

I will miss him every day here on earth but I know I will see him again and I know right now he’s singing in that deep bass voice of his somewhere around Jesus’ feet with my brother, and countless other loved ones who’ve gone before him because now he’s not just underlining verses in his bible and reading His word, he is right there listening to Jesus and having relationship with him face to face. And that makes me smile. Say hi to him for me dad. I love you.

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