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January 24, 2017Katie

Cultivar Mexican Kitchen’s sign in Automobile Alley boasts the words “Farm to Fire” and once you step inside you’ll find what that reality means.

It almost seems like you’re in an old farmhouse hipped up somewhat but also the baskets of produce you see behind the counter makes you think of farm-fresh.

The fire comes out as some delicious varieties of fired up meat and later on, when you add one of the three sauces at your table!

Cultivar is a casual taco extravaganza concept including a made to order burritos, bowls and salads bar that is has a great rustic farmhouse feel atmosphere and some really good food. The interior is made partially of reclaimed wood from the original Goodrich Rubber building and it’s quite spacious with its large dining room, beautiful bar, back rooms, glass wall at the front composed of two garage doors that open onto a pretty cool patio,  and even a private dining room.

The patio is pretty neat because it has a bar counter that can be served thru open and shut windows if you happen to want to stop by for a cold drink after work on the weekends on a nice day.

The concept is a little awkward at Cultivar and in my opinion, needs a little redefining but let me alert you ahead of time so you’ll get it. You start off by going through an ordering line much like Chipotle or Qdoba. There are makings for salads, bowls or a burritos but honestly, I’d skip right past that to the Craft Tacos. Upon ordering, there are choices of drinks in a cooler to the left of the register (water if not purchased in a bottle was charged to us $.25 which was surprising).

But if you prefer a drink from the bar, you also have to head over there as well because there is no table service from what I could tell. The whole thing would be awkward on a busy night even though last night it was not busy when we went and we chose to sit at the table located at the end of the bar which solved the problem.

Along with any of these tacos, I’d also NOT neglect ordering the homemade chips and queso. The queso was really delicious and I couldn’t stop drizzling one of the three sauces served on every table into it in swirls to make it even better.

The sauces are called Field, Farm and Fire and even though all were fantastic, I couldn’t keep my hands off the Field (Serrano) version.

The tacos are a tad pricey also but the gal behind the counter cautioned us that 2-3 would really fill you up, so we opted for 2 plus varieties plus the queso and believe me, we were stuffed.

It probably pays to know the size of the taco you are ordering also as I picked two – the first being the Fried Chicken Taco served up buffalo wing style with bleu cheese, chopped celery, cabbage and Valentina hot sauce. This was delicious and hugely filling in itself but the second Grilled Shrimp Taco (Agave Mescal Glaze, Tomatillo Chow Chow, Spinach Greens, Serrano Lime Crema), while equally delicious, felt much smaller in comparison to that giant piece of fried chicken tender.

It was really tough to narrow down choices to but a mere two taco choices. The others sounded amazing..from Grass Fed Barbacoa to Chicken Mole (I’m a huge mole fan!) to even vegan ( an interesting almost falafel concoction of Crispy Chickpea Fritter, Turmeric Tofu Scramble, Red Radish, Pickled Cucumber, Avocado Salsa Verde, Refried Beans and Cilantro)  and vegetarian options (Arugula, Red Onion, Goat Cheese and Crema).  Believe me, Cultivar will leave you wanting more.  Warning – The bottom portion of the taco menu are seasonal tacos that will rotate occasionally and the Fried Chicken Taco may not be around long!

Wrapping all their craft tacos up are hand-made corn tortillas, made from on-site, hand ground heirloom masa on a machine you’ll see upon walking in the door. I think that means ladies and GMO’s in the corn tortillas, but regardless of your take on’ll love the tortillas.

Of additional note, check out the mini chalkboards perched on the glass casing over the salad/burrito fixings for daily specials, soups etc.

Also, I am anxious to go back another time to try their breakfast and brunch offerings as they sound delicious.


However, first on my list next time are the nachos…just before we left, they delivered a massive deep bowl of this deliciousness to the people next to us and both Mr. Wonderful and I gaped as it meandered by in the hands of the server.

Cultivar Mexican Kitchen
714 N. Broadway Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Looking for a map to Cultivar? See below!

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