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April 28, 2010Katie

Okay ladies, (AND gentlemen!!)

Repeat after me.

Romance is not dead.

No matter how long you’ve been married.

I am sensing the rolling of eyes, the “whatever’s!” and the clicking of the mouse to get off this page….STOP I say!

Mr. Wonderful and I just made it to five years (I know those of you married twenty-five years are snickering right now!  I hear you!) and, well, sometimes you have to work at it.  In the beginning, rose petals fell around you out of the ceiling, you kissed each other all the time,  and you couldn’t wait to see each other every day after work.

And then the toilet lid got left up one too many times, or the sock heap on the side of the bed got to you, or maybe your husband has a particular dresser that is piled up with junk (Mr. Wonderful, are you reading this?). 

And let’s be honest ladies.  I’m sure we drive them crazy as well.  My husband has this thing (OCD to the max!) about the refrigerator being organized.  He has a system, and before we put groceries away, he has to clean it out and get it right.  Glass jars have to be one one shelf, dairy products like sour cream and mayo on another.  Put something on the wrong shelf, and you can ruin his day. 

It took me the entire first year of our marriage to be greatful for a man who actually CLEANS the refrigerator.  Now I say …clean away Mr. Wonderful!  And I try to put stuff back where they belong on the correct shelf…

Which, ummm,  doesn’t always work for me.

Anyway, romance.

Think back to your first year of marriage, or maybe even go back to your dating life.  Remember those little things you used to do?  Like writing each other little notes or stolen make-out sessions in the car?

Those are what made your heart go pitter-patter over that man that now wakes you with his loud snoring and dirty underwear on the bathroom floor.

Every once in awhile, you need to chase away dirty socks and toothpaste blobs left in the sink, with some good ol’ romance.

After we went out to eat at our favorite place Friday night to celebrate our anniversary, we came home to this.

A small table I had set up at the end of our bed in our bedroom.  Instead of ordering the Key Lime Pie our waiter taunted us with for dessert at the restaurant, I went for something a little more intimate. 

I got out some pretty dishes, crystal glasses, a decanter and my good linens and silver.  I then added in some flowers in egg cups, a candle, and a tray full of sweet desserts I purchased from one of my favorite local bakeries – Sweet Cherry’s Sugar Art Bakery.  I also tucked some ripe strawberries in to cut the sweets a little.  This set me back an entire whopping $6 I think.

Mmmm…this bakery is dangerously close to my house. 

Earlier that day I had stocked my iPod with a romantic playlist.  When we got home, I lit the candles and we had a lovely evening getting to know each other again while sitting at this table.

The good news?

I sat my chair facing away from the messy dresser…and we were nowhere NEAR the refrigerator.

Try sparking some romance with your husband (or wife) tonight…

Do you have something romantic to share? Help all of us married people out by sharing your (PG) ideas in the comment section below.


  • Nancy Jackson

    April 28, 2010 at 9:15 am

    Ahhhhh... So nice!!! You did good!!
  • Dawn’s Diversions

    April 28, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    Oh, I LOVE this!! The next time my girls stay all night with their mimi I'll try to remember to do something like this. It's important to keep the romace alive. I guess the most recent thing we did to keep the "spark" was we went parking. Hehe!! We actually "parked" in his parents driveway that's very dark. I didn't want to get arrested, ya know! LOL!

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