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June 27, 2012Katie

(Photos by Brettley Ruggles)

I’ve written about Coolgreens before, but this week, they’ll be my guest on my Rise & Shine segment which just thrills me to pieces.  There may those of you haven’t tried Coolgreens -like those ravenous lovers of meat, or you manly-men or maybe, just maybe you just plain haven’t ventured off to try Coolgreens yet,

I beckon you to try this place. I think you’ll be satisfied.  Greatly satisfied. And you won’t walk away feeling disgusted with yourself either which is always a plus.

The concept is pure and unaltered.  Pick from the already preconceived menu choices of Signature Salads and Wraps, Flatbread Pizzas or homemade soups (conceived by Executive Chef Trey Ferguson at the COOLGREENS commissary kitchen located in Oklahoma City),  or build your own using only the freshest ingredients.   And by fresh, I mean freshly delicious, free of trans fats and processed foods and there are vegan and vegetarian offerings as well.

I truly love this place, and so does my family. Especially these three.

I always feel purely organically relaxed in the ethereal environment there.

On our visit tonight we tried several different menu items I hadn’t had before. Like their new offering of the “Coolwich” sandwich of the month.  Tonight’s featured Sandwich was the Turkey Pesto and it was wonderful.

Coolgreens plans to feature this monthly switch-up and then, based on popularity by sales, introduce the new menu items as permanent fixtures.

Have you had their Curried Cous Cous? It came with the sandwich and was a great and healthy compliment.

I ordered my favorite thing on the menu…the Coolgreens Skinny Flatbread Pizza.  I still remain loyal to this pizza from my last review on Coolgreens.

It’s so delicious with basil pesto, grapes, sundried tomato, figs, walnuts, goat cheese, and arugula. I feel disloyal ordering anything else.  I also adore this crust and wish I could make it at home.

This was quite possibly my new love, and could become competition for the pizza I favor however.

This was the Southwest Spicy Chicken Salad with mixed greens & arugula, seasoned chicken, avocado, roasted poblano, corn, cumin black beans, red onion, blue corn tortilla chips, queso fresco, and southwestern vinaigrette.

Oh gosh, I really enjoyed this.

The Smoky Tomato  Basil soup was on the Monday soup list and I always love dipping the fresh bread in it.

And apparently so does Mr. Wonderful as well!

We tried one of the specials off the chalkboard by the order line – this salad was called The Peruvian Quinoa Salad.

And check out this Barbecue Chicken Pizza with roasted chicken, barbeque sauce, crimini mushrooms, red bell pepper, smoked cheddar, and green onion.

Again, delicious!

I can’t leave out the drinks at Coolgreens. There is no soda folks, but there are plenty of other offerings to satisfy. Like Izze.

They have some wonderful flavors of Honest ice tea, Pellegrino, and San Pellegrino.  There are also smoothies and fat free frozen yogurt and toppings for the yogurt, like organic chocolate chips.  Oh yes, and there are cookies.

These cookies are made of whole wheat flour, honey, organic chocolate, sugar, rolled oats, toasted almonds, free range eggs and you feel like you just might get a burst of energy by nibbling on one.

If you’d like to visit Coolgreens, click below to find one of their five locations. Plans are in the works to expand to Tulsa soon.

Also, if you need some delicious and healthy catering? Coolgreens is a great choice.

I hope you’ll visit them soon!   And love them as much as we do!

Coolgreens Cafe & Bistros
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Here is a map for ya of their most recent five business!

View Oklahoma Coolgreens in a larger map


  • Eliot

    June 28, 2012 at 7:10 pm

    Ooh---This place looks yummy. Keep me posted on the Tulsa location!!!!

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