Conner Graduated!

June 22, 2012Katie

My boy has had horrible “senioritis” for the past few months. He is ready to move on to Oklahoma University (go Sooners!) and so finally the day came.


If you’ve seen  my other posts where my girls graduated, you’ll remember how cool Putnam City High’s graduation ceremony is.

It’s held outside at the football stadium.  We all pray for no rain, dress in light clothing and brave the bleachers.   Over by the school some commotion starts.

Those arches you see are the rose arch girls. The graduates are going to walk through those in the procession.  The rose arch girls always have the cutest spring dresses.

And then pretty soon, here come the graduates.

The boy third from the front is Conner..he looks so tall.  I can just tell you that I always get a lump in my throat at this point and am just bursting with pride. The whole beautiful procession just makes it worse for my Mama hormones to kick in!

So then he walks up the sidelines through the arches.

I can barely stand it and usually stand up and scream something horribly embarrassing…like “Connnnnnnnnnnner! Woohoo!”

The kids walk around to the center aisle and find their appropriate seats.

And of course they try to find us sitting up in the bleachers.

And then once they find us, all coolness is off for a minute, and they wave like they did when they were little kids in a school program.

That wave said “HEY MOM! I am done with this place and heading off to OU!”

I just know that somehow.

And then the tom foolery has to surface.

Somehow his group of boys got 3D glasses and all the sudden they had them on.  I sunk a little lower in my chair waiting…but that’s the worst that happened.

And then the ceremony began.

With admonitions to go out and grab life by the tail and swing it around, we heard inspiration by students and special speakers and then…it was over.

I realized this was my last experience as a parent at Putnam City High School.

What am I going to do with all those t-shirts, hoodies and sport clothes I bought now?

Then it occurred to me that we will probably get discount OU tickets next year.

And all was well with the world again.

Afterwards, we hung out and there were hugs with some of the special friends and family of my boy.

Congratulations Conner!  While this part of your life draws to a close, you’re now at the start of a new era in your life.

I know you’ll do fantastic at it!

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