Compassionate Kids, So Glad That These Are Our Future

November 6, 2010Katie

If you’ve read my blog before, you know that both Mr. Wonderful and I are pretty passionate about working with youth.  These are a few kids from our Monday night small group.

One thing we talk about over and over at our small group is to look for those kids that don’t “fit in” or are by themselves.   We’ve tried to get the kids to have the compassionate eyes of Jesus.

Now I know, many people don’t have a lot of confidence in the future of America, based on what they’ve seen from our youth of late.  I admit, sometimes, you wonder just a little.

Yes, that was at our house, with enough whipped cream and chocolate syrup that it involved this guy wearing a trash bag.  Thankfully, the kitchen floor is tile, and cleans up easily.

With a little prompting from this guy, our youth did a pretty cool thing last night.

Vlad.  Hey Vlad, this ain’t Oklahoma in this picture is it?  (I lifted this pic from his Facebook page).

But you see, Vlad had to be in another area of service Wednesday night before our service at church, so he couldn’t babysit them.

But these kids all showed up to help all by themselves.

We have a separate building from our main church building for youth.  And it’s across the street.  And sometimes a little intimidating for new kids to come over to.

So they thought they’d try to encourage them to come to our youth group.

So Wednesday night we showed up and saw something pretty cool…They had heisted borrowed a golfcart and were shuttling back and forth between buildings looking for kids at the main service. (Don’t worry, the driver was 18!) Well, okay, you can still worry.

Every door of our (pretty large) church was manned by at least 2 kids holding up a sign for our 412 youth (I Timothy 4:12 – look it up!).

Okay, so Da’Shon needs to work on his smiling skills a little.  A few numbers down the side of the wall and this could be a mugshot.

I also saw two girls, sisters in fact, who sought out kids sitting alone during the service, and not only sat with them, during the evening, but got to know them as well.

I think our future looks pretty bright…don’t you?

Dear 412 Youth…I love you and think you have the potential to change the world!


  • Jill

    November 8, 2010 at 8:48 am

    Very cool. I looked up the verse. As kids, we did this 'gleaning' without thinking about it. It was natural to us to invite the kids that looked like they needed it to church. At one point, we had about 30 kids. That's a lot, considering the smallness of the school. Sometimes it meant they were fed when they weren't fed at home, or they escaped 3 older sisters because they were the only boy, or just got a rest from their teen tragedies. The ONLY reason I would go back to be a teen again is to live those moments.. more fully. To love my deeply, establish those friendships on a higher level. That youth group I'm sure saved my life more than once.

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