Cities of Refuge

March 11, 2009Katie

I recently read about the Cities of Refuge in Numbers and Joshua. These 6 cities were designated by God in Numbers to be chosen cities that in the case of murder by innocence, the killer was allowed to take refuge and be protected from the slain person’s family until the accused could be allowed a day in court and be protected until proven guilty. God even ordered that the roads to these cities be well kept to travel so the accused would find an easy path to their protection. Once the high priest of the city had died, all those who sought refuge, and been proven innocent were wiped clean of their accusations and could go free and untouched from the cities. I thought about this practice and realized that the God I love and desire to be closer to all throughout the Bible has set up escape routes for those of us who just simply get messed up and in situations that we never have pictured ourselves in. He’s provided an easy path for us to take to the place of refuge in his Grace and Mercy if we simply choose to trust and put our faith in Him. He protects us from all those in the World who are looking to accuse us of things we’ve done, either innocently,  before we’ve accepted Christ as our Savior or just flat out been stupid!He is the High Priest of the City, waiting to proclaim our freedom thru His death, to release us from the bondage of our Sin or mistakes and let us once again begin our lives anew and fresh, through no doing of ourselves but only from HIS GRACE, HIS LOVE and through Him…we can now approach life with new eyes for those who have been where we’ve been. Lord, let us see through new eyes…

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