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January 24, 2020Katie
Chuanyu Fusion Oklahoma City

The Discovery

Recently we made a discovery that I think is worth sharing with you all in Oklahoma City – Chuanyu Fusion Eatery which is some of the best authentic Szechuan food I’ve had comparable, if not better than Szechuan Bistro. It’s so close, it’s hard to tell though.

The Menu

In fact, it’s so authentic that timid foodies are going to look at some of the items on the menu and grimace, cuz…well, it’s authentic and us Americans wuss out a bit when it comes to trying things a bit out of the ordinary.

You’ll see a few items like Pig Ear, Pig Intestine and tripe on this menu…but there are plenty of other incredibly good items both in the red book menu, and the separate Americanized white one. Also keep in mind that the red menu photos aren’t necessarily what you’ll get in real life at the eatery. They are stock photos I believe they’ve put in to give you a picture of the dishes but their’s may look a little different.

Chuanyu Fusion Eatery OKC
So never fear, for you can find other options and I have one word for you about all of it.


Okay, two more words.

Large portions.

Seriously you just need to try it.

A Little Information

The eatery’s name hails from the region the cuisine originates from – the central part of China, piecing together names for two of the towns in the Sichuan region, hence the word Szechuan (or Sichuan) cuisine, depending on how you spell it .

Szechuan cuisine is known for its bold flavors, many sizzled with the taste bud pleasing numb of the Szechuan peppercorn. It’s not spicy as in burning hot, just a fun kind of heat.

The Location

The restaurant is in a quirky location, off Rockwell Avenue and Hefner, tucked away behind McDonalds and Braums. Enter off of Hefner just East of Rockwell (turn in just past the Bank of Oklahoma). Look for the building colored like the American flag, with its red metal roof and painted white and royal blue bricks.

Inside the Eatery

The interior is semi-nice which is kind of humorous because the fish nets and some seafood decor remains from the previous owner – Sam’s Southern Eatery. But the rest is done tastefully and the staff is very nice and eager to please.

Chuanyu Fusion Interior

The Food

Trying to figure out what to order is a tad overwhelming because the menu is quite extensive.

For openers, we decided to try the Pork Wontons in Chili Oil.

Pork Dumpling in Chili Oil

Tender and floating in a sea of mild and not-too-spicy chile oil, these were delicious.

Mr. Wonderful decided to order the Shredded Pork in Garlic Sauce. This was AMAZINGLY flavorful and yummy…and the portion was HUGE.

Chuanyu Fusion Eatery OKC crispy pork in garlic

That sauce over the almost crispy pork was to die for. And at only $8.99, this was a bargain as well.

Speaking of bargains I ordered the Dragon & Phoenix.

Dragon and Phoenix Chuanya Fusion Eatery

Crispy pieces of chicken in a delicious sauce with a side of …..fried lobster tail?

Yes that’s right and this one came in at a whopping $12.99!

If you get nothing else, you have to order these.

These are the Dry Sauteed String Bean (Minced Pork). The second time we went, my mom and sis-in-law came with us and we ordered these as a side and we all attacked them with ferocity! They are sooooo good!

But this right here folks. THIS is about the best thing I’ve had in awhile.

Crispy Eggplant Chuanyu Fusion

That is the Crispy Eggplant and it was amazing! Slightly spicy, the crispy breading was crackling crisp and the eggplant inside was buttery and soft and melt-in-your-mouth.  This is the dish I can’t stop thinking about.

For dessert, Mr. W had to have Sesame Balls and Chuanyu’s are hot and crispy with that sweet and sticky sweet bean curd center.

He loves these things so much. He was a very happy camper!

There are so many things I want to try when we go back that diners around us have ordered and raved about. Both the Eggplant in garlic sauce and the Crispy Eggplant with Szechuan Spice, the Cucumber in Garlic Sauce and the Chicken In Chili Oil, Guizhou (diced chicken), and the Dry Spicy Beef.  The good news is it’s so close to my house, we can try something new every week!

For more exciting Chinese food, try these two authentic places in Oklahoma City as well – Chow’s Chinese and Fung’s Kitchen.

The Location

Chuanyu Fusion Eatery
7011 W Hefner Rd
Oklahoma City, OK 73162
(405) 367-7977

Want to find Chuanyu Fusion Eatery? See the map below!

Chuanyu Fusion Oklahoma City - Dishin & Dishes

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