Chica’s Mexican Cafe

May 13, 2010Katie

Sorry, this restaurant is now closed!

Chica’s Mexican Cafe
6482 Avondale Dr.
Nichols Hills, OK 73116
Taste Factor **1/2
Dollar Factor $$-$$$
(no menu or website available)
Hours of Operation:  Mon-Sat 11-9
Sunday -CLOSED

We happened to try Chica’s recently. It was just the three of us, Mr. Wonderful, Tori and I.

Located in the Nichols Hills Plaza, you can access this little place by Western or 63rd.  We had to really look for it.  You walk through a tiny outdoor patio, which is an option for alfresco dining on a nice night.  It’s really just a couple of tables and chairs on the sidewalk.

The inside of the restaurant was much smaller than I’d imagined.  There were 3  or 4 tall tables for four and maybe 6-8 others.

There is also a bar at the back of the restaurant you can sit at.

When we arrived, the place seemed trashed.  Every table was dirty and we weren’t sure where to sit.  A waitress arrived pretty quickly, however and cleaned off one of the tall tables against the windows. I soon figured out why the place was a mess.  There was a steady stream of young, trendy folks streaming through the door the entire time we ate.  This is a highly popular place.  The tables quickly filled up again and the place was packed in no time.

The decor is urban diner, bright and crowded, and our service was excellent.  We were quickly brought chips, cheese and salsa.

The salsa is the  thin, mostly tomato salsa that is typical at Mexican restaurants and it’s okay.  The cheese sauce was good.  I forgot to ask for additional sauces like I normally do and I’ve heard they have quite a few.  I’ll try that next time.

I always ask the wait staff what is good and they recommended the Ocean Tacos as one of their most popular offerings. I’m a huge fish and shrimp taco fan, so I played along.

These were good.  I asked for cilantro and added some pico de gallo for a little spice, but the guacamole cream sauce was great, the tilapia moist, and the slaw on top had a nice crunch.  I prefer corn tortillas for my tacos these days, and was pleased that they came out warm and fresh, and not greasy, like in some other places I’ve been.  I could pick from several kinds of beans, Mexican potatoes, cole slaw or fresh fruit.  I opted for the black beans and fresh fruit, both of which were great, and a nice change from typical Mexican rice and refried beans.

Tori ordered the Fried Tacos.

Oh to be young and have a metabolism again.

She enjoyed these as far as I could tell.  They were filled with beef and cheese and came with a side of guacamole and pico de gallo.

Mr. Wonderful ordered the Combo Fajitas and really liked them.

Chica’s had many more things I’d like to try .  We enjoyed our visit here.  Please note that if you’re looking for authentic Mexican fare, this would not be the place for you.  This is more of an Americanized, trendy and hip type of Mexican featuring seafood (I am trying the shrimp and pablano enchiladas next time!).

Chica’s is also a little pricier than some other Mexican restaurants I’ve been to, but in the Nichol’s Hills area, you should expect that anyway.  I wouldn’t say the food is stand-out great, but I also wouldn’t say it’s bad at all.  We enjoyed our visit and probably will go back again.

From what we saw, many people agree with me.  The tables filled up with no problem!

**Update – Visit two was very enjoyable.  We asked for extra salsa, and received a salsa verde and a super spicy habenero salsa.  We had a different waitress from last time who brought us their complimentary spicy guacamole. It was killer good!  Don’t miss this!

I also tried the Shrimp & Pablano Enchiladas which were great.

We also ordered the Chorizo appetizer that had sauteed onions, pablanos, tomatoes, chorizo sausage and cheese.  This was very good as well.

Mr. Wonderful ordered the beef and chicken enchiladas and they had plenty of meat in both and he couldn’t finish them.

I’m glad we tried a second visit.  We were very pleased last night!

Have you eaten here? Let me know what YOUR experience was!

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