Cheever’s Cafe Brunch

February 24, 2023Katie

My Absolute Favorite Brunch Place

This week I met a dear friend at Cheever’s Cafe for brunch on Saturday.

This is Ana. This picture of Ana is not at Cheever’s Cafe. This is a picture of Ana at Harvey’s Bakery from 2 months ago because I forgot to get a picture of us at Cheever’s. I probably forgot, because I was so looking forward to the rolls that I knew would be arriving soon (we’ll talk about that goodness soon).

When she asked for recommendations, I told her that Cheever’s Cafe had always been a favorite of mine for brunch.

And then I realized I had never written about it.

I am here to change all that.

Silly me.

What I love to Eat at Cheever’s Cafe for Brunch

Ana asked me why I loved Cheever’s so much for brunch. Now, I can can go on and on about other things I love at Cheever’s Cafe. They have my absolute favorite chicken fried steak (with jalapeno cream gravy) and that’s saying ALOT since this is our official state meal and it is served literally everywhere.

I love their Bleu Cheese Potato Chips. I adore their Mixed Seafood Tamale and their Shrimp and Grits.

But this was brunch so I told her “Oh, it’s not just brunch, I love everything they serve, however, brunch is very affordable and delicious, but there are 2 things I REALLY love at Cheever’s Brunch.”

One was arriving at the table as I was describing it to her.

The fresh complimentary rolls at Cheever’s Cafe are light and warm and dotted all over inside with rosemary. They come served with a side of creamy cold butter with some kind of (maybe smoked?) salt on top.

Cheever's Cafe Brunch rolls

I know, I know, it’s just rolls, but it really isn’t. They are memorable people. I typically avoid bread because, well, carbs. But with these, I just dive in and enjoy them and push all thoughts of what they’ll do to my thighs until later.

The second reason I love brunch at Cheever’s is this.


This glorious riff on Eggs Benedict is Cheever’s Cafe’s “Masa Vallo Con Huevos”- translated to mean 2 corn masa cakes, topped with shrimp risotto, each topped with a poached egg, pico de gallo, salsa verde, and ancho cream.  It also comes with a side of a cilantro type salsa to add which just balances out the whole dish beautifully with a punch of acidity, because, it’s a rich dish and the balance is perfect with it.

I dream about this for breakfast sometimes, because, who takes the time at home to make masa cakes, shrimp risotto, poached eggs and three differing sauces for breakfast?

I typically like to make something quick for breakfast like my Breakfast Tacos or Shirred Eggs. I’ve even been known to make a quick Avocado Egg Toad-In-A-Hole.

I might have to if something ever happens to Cheever’s Cafe because it’s my absolute favorite breakfast on the planet.

Where to Find Cheever’s Cafe

2409 N.Hudson
Oklahoma City, OK 73103


  • Ana W.

    February 24, 2023 at 10:43 am

    Amazing food with amazing company! ??

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