February 5, 2015Katie

mom and conner

I received this picture through a text message one afternoon last week from my son Conner.

Conner Swearing In1
My heart jumped so hard it felt like it would burst from my chest and I sat speechless staring at my phone.

He’d done it.

He’d signed up, and sworn in with the Navy.

My baby boy (who’s truly 21) had been talking for a year about his passion to join the service. He had started with the Marines.  He’d gone all the way through the application process and I’d worried.  He tested very high and talked about officer school. When his recent knee surgery flagged him to not pass the physical, I’d been relieved and then…

He kept researching, reading about other military branches and began talking a month or so ago about the Navy.

And on January 28th, I got that text message.

I am processing.

I am reading about the Navy. I have even watched Youtube videos on what to expect.

But more than that I am remembering.

Remembering how his hair had little blonde ringlets when he was a toddler.

kids 005

Remembering how much trouble he and sister Kayla got into. And remembering those adorable little squishy cheeks.

14 001

Baseball games.

20 001

And Jr. High football games.


And Sr. High football games.

1 001

Zoro in the midst of his sister’s Spice Girls party.

13 001

Teenage years and the struggles of having all girls in the house!

19 001

The Thunder’s first season when he got to be a Thunder boy (or whatever they’re called).




Vacations like this trip to Estes where he turned into a wilderness man.

Cousins 002

Little Cousins.


And grown cousins.

tori kayla conner ballet 001

Did I  mention what it was like to live with two sisters?

Kids 002

That wasn’t bad all the time.

I am so proud of this boy.

conner 1

And while I run through this gamut of emotions, there are no words for what I’m feeling or thinking right now.  But it ranges from worry to pride. From thoughts of not seeing him for a year or more on end to thoughts of him going to the middle east or being on a giant ship all over the world.

But mostly I’m just remembering….

12 001




  • Ruth Thomason

    February 5, 2015 at 7:43 pm

  • Ruth Thomason

    February 5, 2015 at 8:12 pm

  • ShaRhonda

    February 6, 2015 at 1:09 pm

    Oh. What a handsome son you have. What a grown up and wise decision he has made. Can I just find some magic potion now to sprinkle on my 14 year old?

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