• Growing Cold and Warm Weather Vegetables

    Growing Cold Weather vs Warm Weather Crops

    March 1, 2023DishinandDishes

    Image by lembrik on Freepik Our First Garden Story The first year we gardened, we really flew-by-the-seat-of-our-pants and had no idea there was a difference between growing cold-weather vs warm-weather plants.   We just got all excited and giddy. We were going to have a garden full of beautiful vegetables. We’d go out to our garden and come in with all the components of a delicious salad, or stir fry. It was going to be perfect. Mr. Wonderful dug me about a 3-foot by 6-foot tiny postage stamp of a garden and I quite joyfully sprinkled in a bevy of seeds I had grabbed at my local hardware store. Keep in mind it was June or July I think, and in Oklahoma, that could translate…

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  • my favorite gardening seeds 2

    My Favorite Gardening Seeds

    February 8, 2023DishinandDishes

    Katie from the food and gardening blog Dishin & Dishes shares her favorite seeds to plant in her garden and where she gets them.

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  • How to Plant in a Greenhouse -Dishin & Dishes

    How To Plant In A Greenhouse

    February 28, 2020DishinandDishes

    The advantages of a greenhouse far outweigh not having one. But many people are intimidated by the whole process so today I am going to show you how to plant in a greenhouse. If you need a starter plan for a greenhouse, see how we built ours by clicking here  for Part 1 and clicking here for Part 2. WHY PLANT IN A GREENHOUSE? It’s simple, therapeutic, rewarding and will save you TONS of money from having to buy plants full price at a nursery. A packet of seeds can cost $1-$3 and sometimes you get 30, 50 or even 100 seeds. A pepper plant usually costs around $3-$4 at my nursery, so you can see how if I plant 30 pepper seeds at $2…

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  • How to Build a Cold Frame Garden Bed - Dishin & Dishes

    How to Build a Cold Frame Garden Bed

    February 21, 2020DishinandDishes

    I have always wanted to learn about how to build and grow in a cold frame garden bed. Last year that dream became a reality when Mr. Wonderful added the top frame on one of our regular garden raised beds. Let me show you how he did it. Here is what our raised beds look like. I wish I had all the room in the world like my sweet friend Marie at the Lazy W but I absolutely LOVE our raised beds! By the way, in case you’re wondering -the red structure on the sides and overhead is for when the heat hits in Oklahoma in July through September. We attach 50-50 garden shade fabric over the top to help prevent scorching and help ease…

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  • Gardening Help – Superthrive

    June 25, 2019DishinandDishes

    Superthrive is the miracle drug that revives distressed  or transplanted or newly planted plants! What do you do when your plants look sickly from transplant shock or are stressed from heat or other damage? The gardener in me wants to share the knowledge! Actually, drug is not the best description.  Superthrive is more like a vitamin/mineral solution for sickly plants. Think of it as super-supplement on steroids for your garden plants.  Except steroids are bad…and this isn’t. This planting season alone it has brought back to life a few things for me -my grown-from-seed Canterbury Vines, which were browning and not growing and are now green and luscious and climbing to the sky, and some coneflowers I purchased at a local nursery sale that I…

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  • Growing Tomatoes Vertically

    June 6, 2019DishinandDishes

    Oklahoma food blogger Katie Johnstonbaugh shares how to grow tomatoes vertically using less space in small gardens

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  • How to Grow Radishes

    May 14, 2019DishinandDishes

    How to easily grow radishes in the garden

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  • Garden 2019 Update

    February 19, 2019DishinandDishes

    It’s been awhile since I did a garden update. Because …well it’s been winter. After the holiday excitement passes by, it helps that I start getting seed catalogs.  This stirs the inner spirit animal in me that is always missing my garden during the bare cold months of winter. I have tomato and pepper seeds going in the greenhouse and they are already pushing against their clear lids clamoring to get out! We use a small ceramic electric heater inside so we can get an early start on the seedlings around the first of February. Back in October we visited The Silos, Chip and Joanna Gaine’s place in Waco. It was during Silobration and we had so much fun experiencing the organic wonderful vendor fair…

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