• Herbs That Take Over

    May 28, 2010DishinandDishes

    Here’s a tip for you if you want to grow parsley and mint but don’t want it taking over your herb garden as it tends to do. Sink a pot down into the soil and plant your parsley or mint in it. It will contain the roots and keep it from spreading but you can…

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  • The Dilemna of Buying for Mother's Day

    April 29, 2010DishinandDishes

    Did you know Mother’s Day is coming soon? As in like …10 days? Looking for ideas for Mother’s Day?  Now, I don’t know what your mom would want… Actually I don’t know what MY mom would want. (Mom? Help please?) Here are  a few things on my wish list….(click on any picture to take you…

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  • Heirloom Tomatoes Here I Come Again!

    March 4, 2010DishinandDishes

    I did it. Today I ordered my heirloom seeds.  I’m late but it’ll be okay.  Last year I ordered so many varieties.  This year I’ve narrowed it down to my favorites.  Here’s my selection. From the Black/Purple group is my favorite of all time – Black Krim.  Sweet and tasty and ohhh so wonderful. The…

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  • Dreaming of Spring Gardening

    February 13, 2010DishinandDishes

    Yesterday, our weather finally got up above 50 degrees again.  It started me dreamily thinking about spring. And my garden. I miss my herbs.  This year I’m going to plant all of them by seed, because they just work really well and cost almost nothing to plant.  So due to the inexpensive seed factor, I’m…

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  • Superbowl Food Ideas

    February 3, 2010DishinandDishes

    What are you doing for the Superbowl?  Having a dozen testosterone-filled men over?  We’re hosting a youth gathering for our church for 30, 40, maybe 50 (or more) teenagers at my house.  You just never know how many teens will turn up when the word “free food” is mentioned… Let us all please take a…

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  • Storm's A Comin'…

    January 28, 2010DishinandDishes

    Yesterday, Mr. Wonderful had the day off of work. Like the wonderful man that he is, he spent most of the day preparing for the abominable storm coming our way. People have been dreading it all week and the fear has been building.  This is Oklahoma, after all, the Snow/Ice Fear Capital of the World.…

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