• The Face Wash That Surprised Me

    June 11, 2012DishinandDishes

    Not long ago, my daughter Kayla had a strange unexplained breakout on her chin. She tried everything. We ordered her several of the well-known acne treatments on the market and she spent countless dollars on sensitive skin acne treatments including some labeled “organic”. No matter what she tried, nothing cleared up the blemishes. So she…

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  • My Garden Diary 2012 – April

    May 8, 2012DishinandDishes

    Well, let me just say, after my first year of planting heirlooms, I fell in love with their rich fruity flavors. I have no idea HOW I got them to grow that year, but I did. I planted those little buggers from seed and nursed them indoors until the frost scare passed then babied them…

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  • The Making of an Oklahoman Quilt

    January 10, 2012DishinandDishes

    It all started with one thing. A Christmas gift. Not just any Christmas gift.  But this one.

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  • My New Favorite Kitchen Utensil

    January 3, 2012DishinandDishes

    Mr. Wonderful bought us this spatula recently and I’ve found myself reaching for it over and over again. The end is made of silicone and can withstand high heat without melting or deforming so you can use it from everything to stirring eggs and sauteing vegetables to stirring hot liquids.

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  • An Entryway Redo

    January 2, 2012DishinandDishes

    We’ve lived in our house now for six years. We’ve pretty much redone the entire house …except for the entryway.  I could live with it for so long..it wasn’t super horrible. And there were rooms that got priority attention…like the rooms we’d actually be in most often. However, this walk-into-our-house space has NO entryway light…

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  • Let Us Grow Patio Lettuce

    September 22, 2011DishinandDishes

    Since my garden got baked to death this summer during our drought, I thought I’d play it safe and plant something portable…you know in pots, that could be moved in or out according to our crazy weather here.  After reading Jamie Oliver’s cookbook and his motivating me to patio garden, it seems, you can just…

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  • DIY Coffee Table Remake

    September 5, 2011DishinandDishes

    It always amazes me the thing that people throw away. We picked this coffee table up at a local thrift store. The stained color was just…a little too orange for our taste or our furniture.  We have a lot of chocolate brown in our living room and it just didn’t seem to work.  However, it…

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  • The Coolest Cheeseboard

    August 7, 2011DishinandDishes

    I’ve been looking for a compact cheeseboard. One that wouldn’t be huge so I could take it out on our boat.    We love to take a picnic out there and float and revel in the quiet while we munch on simple things. So when I saw this cheeseboard on OpenSky, it made me sit…

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