• Blue Moon Bakery & Cafe -Tulsa Tasting

    April 12, 2012DishinandDishes

    Blue Moon Bakery & Cafe 3512 S. Peoria Ave. Tulsa, OK 74105 (918) 749-7800 website Map When I asked co-owner Alan Fusco what his dream was when opening Blue Moon Bakery and Cafe on Peoria Street in Tulsa, he paused for a moment, unsure of his answer.  Then he got called away to the kitchen…

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  • Andolini’s Pizzeria on Cherry Street -Tulsa Tasting

    April 4, 2012DishinandDishes

    1552 E. 15th St. Tulsa, OK 74120 (918) 728-6111 website map Stop # 2 on our Tulsa Tasting trip was Andolini’s Pizza. Oh my GOSH ya’ll! We LOVED this place! Jim and Mike Bausch are some of my favorite new people because, frankly, this place is genius. What makes genius in my book where eateries…

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  • Queenie’s (Plus) Cafe & Bakery- Tulsa Tasting

    March 29, 2012DishinandDishes

    Queenie’s Cafe & Bakery 1834 Utica Square Tulsa, OK 74114 918-749-3481 website map Mr. Wonderful and I just came off a crazy weekend of visiting Tulsa restaurants.  We ate at so many wonderful restaurants and met SO many wonderful people.  I came back with hundreds of pictures and tastes left in my memory.  Where to…

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  • Tulsa Tasting – Fourteen Restaurants in Two Days

    March 13, 2012DishinandDishes

    This past weekend Mr. Wonderful and I ventured up to Tulsa. To taste. To taste many restaurants.

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  • Commenting on Restaurants

    August 13, 2010DishinandDishes

    With restaurant review sites cropping up all over the place, this article by Ken on Urbanspoon made my smile in satisfaction. It’s an article on what not to do when commenting on a restaurant on Urbanspoon. When I first started writing restaurant reviews, I really had no idea what I was doing.  I just knew that Mr.…

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