• My Little Greenhouse – Learning

    February 11, 2015DishinandDishes

    And so it begins…. It’s time for planting! Last weekend, I spent some time planting some (mostly) cool weather plants in the greenhouse. It caused me to reflect on what I’ve learned this year. #1  I didn’t plant early enough last year.  Since we put the greenhouse in in April, I didn’t get my cool…

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  • My First Furniture Re Do

    August 28, 2014DishinandDishes

    About a month ago, and before the oven broke, the entryway flooded, and my life was vaguely normal and boring…..I refinished this dresser. It was a dresser that my daughter had with one of her first bedroom sets and it was that pale blonde wood color, which I no longer like at ALL. Except for…

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  • A Shower for the Bride to Be

    August 25, 2014DishinandDishes

    A few weeks ago, we hosted a bridal shower for my daughter Tori’s BFF Hanna who within a month will marry the guy of her dreams- Lance. Tori and Hanna have been friends since grade school and Hanna has always just been another child to us around this household.  Here’s a picture of the bride to…

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  • Simple Salad Garden in a Container

    May 16, 2014DishinandDishes

    An easy idea for growing a salad container garden in a pot

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  • My Little Greenhouse – Part Two

    April 3, 2014DishinandDishes

    Here are a few new things Mr. Wonderful has done in the greenhouse. (Read My Little Greenhouse Part I here) There is a pegboard for my gardening tools at the end. I don’t need to dig through the shed anymore to find my favorite trowel.  There is a giant scoop for scooping dirt into seed…

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  • My Little Greenhouse

    March 26, 2014DishinandDishes

    Last weekend some friends came over to help Mr. Wonderful put up the base on a new greenhouse he bought me. He had purchased it a couple weekends back – it looked fairly simple and while I was super excited about the thought of a greenhouse, well, it looked like it might not quite stand up to…

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  • DIY Coffee Table Remake

    September 5, 2011DishinandDishes

    It always amazes me the thing that people throw away. We picked this coffee table up at a local thrift store. The stained color was just…a little too orange for our taste or our furniture.  We have a lot of chocolate brown in our living room and it just didn’t seem to work.  However, it…

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  • Cornhole…Who Knew?

    May 2, 2011DishinandDishes

    Last week in Arizona, my brother-in-law’s family got us hooked on this game called Cornhole.  What is Cornhole you ask?

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