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February 12, 2024Katie
Frida's Southwest Oklahoma City

Hands down, my favorite place to eat right now is Frida Southwest, including their weekend brunch.

The inside of Frida’s is bright, airy, and buzzes with the sound of friends and family chatting and dining.

Frida OKC brunch interior

There is a sizeable bar with folks gathered around.

Frida Southwest Bar

And totally unrelated to food, the bathrooms are sky blue for boys and baby pink for girls.

Frida Southwest bathrooms

I check out their Instagram weekly, and when they introduce their new (monthly) menu items, I always send them to my daughter Tori, along with something like this in all caps…


Mr. Wonderful and I tried their brunch for the first time months ago and sat on their lovely patio. And my kids took me for Mother’s Day as well, because I wanted to go back PRONTO!

Frida Southwest patio

It was a little chillier than normal the day of our anniversary in April, but never fear, for Frida’s thinks of every little thing to make their diners feel warm and fuzzy, including lap blankets and overhead heaters.

Frida Southwest brunch

Frida Southwest table Our server showed up momentarily and brought us water and a yummy selection of breads.

Frida Southwest Brunch

The bread varies each time we go. It’s fun to anticipate what they’ll send out this time. The first time it was corn muffins and the 2nd blackberry corn muffins I think.

Frida Southwest OKC Bread

The appetizers…oh the APPETIZERS at Frida Southwest.

One of my very favorite things that I’m still thinking about as I write this is the Burrata appetizer.

There are two ovals of creamy rich burrata floating in an amber pool of chili oil and topped with ancho truffle honey,  chimichurri, prosciutto, and served with wood grilled sourdough.

Frida Southwest Burrata

Don’t let the chili oil scare you. It’s mild and flavorful and absolutely wonderful. We all went nuts over this.

So nuts, I went home and tried to recreate it. Like…gaga nuts.

We also tried the Short Rib Empanadas.

Frida southwest OKC empanadas

Stuffed with green chiles, wild mushroom, goat cheese, and plated on some delicious ancho chile demi, we really loved these.

Another app we recently tried was off the January Chef’s Feature Menu (they usually post this on Instagram, and it always makes me hungry!).

This was the Ancho Crab Dip – a delicious concoction of lump crab meat, mixed with some fillings like roasted chile strips, chile crunch and cheeses. We scraped every bite of this out of that cast iron skillet!

Let’s talk about main dishes.

This has by far been one of my favorites!

Frida's southwest brunch

The Seafood Tamale.

The green chile flecked tamale on this is so flavorful, and it’s packed with a seafood medley of shrimp, lobster, crab and scallops and it was swimming in this luscious sherry cream sauce. This was so delectable that I’m still dreaming about it today.

They also have a benedict. But no any Benedict. A Crab Cake Benedict made with blue lump crab cake, poached eggs, ancho hollandaise, smoked tomato, and served with a side of grilled asparagus.

Frida Crab Cake Benedict Brunch

And one mustn’t overlook the Frida Chicken and Waffles.


Frida Southwest Chicken and Waffles Take a sweet Belgian cornmeal waffle, pair it with red chile buttermilk fried Santa Fe Frenched chicken, and top it with some bacon jam.

Yes…I DID say bacon jam.

Oh yes, and there’s maple hot honey glaze to drizzle over all.

It’s heaven folks, pure heaven.

Other dishes worth mentioning are the Shrimp & Grits.

Shrimp and Grits Frida Southwest

I know those don’t look much like shrimp, but that’s because they are bacon-wrapped along with a side of heirloom tomato and roasted corn saute, cheddar chive grits, and hot honey butter.

I’m telling you that Frida’s speaks my love language with all that hot honey.

They just plain speak my language about it all. I’ve never had a bad dish there.

It keeps us going back. After all, there are still untasted menu items waiting for us!

Frida Southwest
500 South Paseo
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
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