Bringing Bees to Your Garden

August 22, 2013Katie

I am not even CLOSE to being a Master Gardener. Hey, if I even get a few tomatoes or zucchini each year, I’m pretty pleased.

With all the talk about the shortage of bees and such around here as of late, I did discover something helpful.  It was purely by luck, because most of the time, I have no idea what I’m doing until something succeeds or fails. Then I chalk it up to, “We’ll, that worked!”, or ” That really didn’t work!”.

Last year I planted Thai basil in my garden. 

This stuff brings bees.

Loads of bees. They love those lavender plumes of flowers!

If you’re having trouble with pollination in your garden, plant this stuff!!

This year I learned from last year, and planted it in apot and just stuck in in my garden. Last year it grew outrageously large and started choking stuff out.


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