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Sadly this restaurant has now closed.

Recently Mr. Wonderful and I took a Friday off together to do some planning for our Easter Egg Hunt for our granddaughters.

I was glad to have a work day off because I’d been dying to try out the new place from one of my favorite Oklahoma Chefs – Chef Vuong Nguyen, who left Guernsey Park recently and set about building his new gourmet breakfast and lunch cafe from the ground up  himself.  Vu tutored under the great Kurt Fleischfresser and his food always pleases me.

Photo Apr 03, 1 17 04 AM
Chef Vuong Nguyen and his sister

When I say he did everything himself, I’m dead serious – this included paint, remodeling, installing kitchen equipment and anything else needed to get the place up and running.  Chef Vu is that dedicated to committing himself to his own place, where he can be free to create at will some of his inspired and delicious offerings.

Located in the Chase Park at Memorial and Portland, make sure and look for the artsy painted windows bearing the restaurant’s name.

Bonjour Oklahoma City

The interior is small, but still a work-in-progress, and if everyone loves the food like we did, Chef Vu is going to need to expand soon.

Bonjour Oklahoma City interior

The menu is scrolled busily up on chalkboards and you go to the counter to order your food.  I can guaranty you that it will be good …and house made. From the fresh baked bread, to the house-cured bacon, to the delicious dessert offerings, you won’t find any food that isn’t stamp approved and made on site from Chef Vu and company, except maybe for the baked goods, which we’ll get to shortly.

Bonjour menu oklahoma city

For starters, I ordered the avocado smoothie and it was delicious.

Bonjour avocado smoothie

Don’t be hating on the words “avocado smoothie” until you try it!

The Menu board will remain fairly constant as Chef Vu told me that he is training his staff to make things properly, and wants the quality to be perfect every time before moving on to other items. There is however, a “Feature board” that may rotate in and out frequently.

Feature board at Bonjour Oklahoma City

I was torn between the Salmon Linguine and the Seared Chicken and Waffle, but I opted for the waffle, and it was amazing!

Seared Chicken and Waffle Bonjour OKC


First off, let’s discuss the waffle.

Shall we just say this was buttery and crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. and magnificent as waffles go in itself? It almost felt a little like cornbread to me in its texture. It was topped with a smear of basil aoili, some insanely moist and tender chicken (not fried) a perfectly poached egg and some diced tomato.  The flavors were crazy delicious.

Seared Chicken and Waffle Bonjour Oklahoma City

Mr. Wonderful opted for the Eggs Benedict, which might be one of his favorite meals ever. The man loves his Eggs Benedict!

Eggs Benedict Bonjour OKC

Again – I tell you – house made English muffins everyone! The Wonderful guy was happy!

Drinks, chips and even hot tea offerings can be picked from the glass case at the counter.

Drinks Bonjour

And holy sweetness, but look at the sugary temptations under glass domes begging your to order them on top of the counter!

Bonjour desserts Cake Creations by Kim

If you opt for more for dessert there are usually offerings like Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding with Herbal Mint Tea Anglaise, Walnuts, and Orange Whipped Cream, however, we were just too full of our breakfast goodness to eat one more bite!

After sitting awhile and talking to Chef Vu, we learned he has more in store for us at Bon Jour. Things in the works will be wine by the glass and more bar seating to feed more folk.  We talked about his Asian roots and I begged him to introduce some of this into his menu in the future and whether he will or not remains to be seen (alas I will keep bugging him).

But one thing you can be assure of if you eat at Bonjour…..

You’re going to leave happy.

We sure did.

(Right now Bonjour is open for breakfast and lunch only Wednesday thru Sunday)

3705 W Memorial Rd #707,
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
(405) 286-9172

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