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August 30, 2012Katie

You may have noticed recently that there is a lot of tweaking going on with the blog.

I have gone from having a single blog post front page to now having a static front page which shows many posts and recipes.

I wanted to let my readers know a few things about how to navigate through the blog now.

New recipes will show up on the scrolling picture marquee! Hopefully that will be a big and bold notice to you of the new things I’ve been making at home! You can now rate the recipes as well from one to five “forks”  (by clicking on the 5 forks) and I’ll be loving watching the feedback on how you rate them as you make them at home! But just in case you want another way to find the newest recipe, look down at the bottom right corner where there is another area to view the past three I’ve posted!

There are two ways to find recipes by categories now! Under the top red toolbar, where it says “Recipe Types” you can click on any category and look through snapshots of the recipes in that category.

You can also click on the red toolbar and find recipes by categories AND…

My restaurant reviews are now categorized by cuisine by City under the Eateries tab PLUS the newest reviews will be featured under the “What’s Hot” section of the blog with snapshot photos along with other happenings around my life!

I hope you’ll click around on the blog and find all the new fun areas to visit!

Each time I post an article now, it will go to it’s respective page, so make sure to visit each tab and see what’s new!




  • Marie at the Lazy W

    August 31, 2012 at 9:19 am

    Loving your tweaks and improvements, Katie!! Enjoy the creative process, looks great!

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