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March 29, 2017Katie
natural eczema treatment

I know, I know, I usually post FOOD recipes but I when it dawned on me my last night that I’ve never shared this homemade remedy for dry skin or eczema, I couldn’t contain myself and had to snap a few photos and show you!

I’ve shared this recipe with cousin who tried it on her son’s eczema and it disappeared by morning. I’ve shared it with my brother who had skin flaking horribly above his eyebrows and he was amazed it worked and lasted all day.

Eczema or even extremely dry skin runs in my family, something my cousins clued me in on a year or so ago. Up until then, I had tried about every lotion on the market, but none seemed to really work very well or last to clear up my mild eczema until I found this remedy.

Upon discussion with some of my work colleagues a year ago, one suggested this remedy – and I have to say …IT WORKS!

First off you need two whole ingredients…but…. make sure you get the correct ones.

I realize there are two kinds of shea butter in that photo above. I purchased both off but this last go round I couldn’t find the Mouvera brand in stock so I got the Sky Organics and like it also so I thought I’d include both.

Make sure you get:

100% pure raw Shea butter


Organic unrefined cold-pressed virgin coconut oil

The original recommended recipe to mix these together in equal parts but I found that amount of coconut oil was WAY too greasy.

Here is how I mix it.

The first time I mixed it, I used a separate plastic storage container to scoop about half of the Shea butter into.  Then I added 2 tablespoons of the coconut oil, then took a spoon and mushed it all together to mix it really well. Do the same for the other half that’s in the Shea butter container. That’s for your future supply!  You really need a little of the coconut oil because the Shea butter is SO thick it is difficult to spread it onto your skin without it.

I always put this on straight out of the bath or shower and wear an older robe to allow it to soak in before putting on clothes or getting into bed because even the small amount of coconut oil makes it a little greasy for a bit.

On the nights or days I don’t put it on, my eczema flairs up and I always get the little scaly bumps starting to come back.  So, as you can see. I’m sold on it.

I have shared this with several friends and relatives who have used it and sung its praises, so I hope it works for you!

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