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April 4, 2012Katie

Andolini's pizza Tulsa

1552 E. 15th St.
Tulsa, OK 74120
(918) 728-6111

Stop # 2 on our Tulsa Tasting trip was Andolini’s Pizza.

Oh my GOSH ya’ll! We LOVED this place!

Jim and Mike Bausch are some of my favorite new people because, frankly, this place is genius.

What makes genius in my book where eateries are concerned?

Friendly staff, a place with character, and good food.  It’s the magic equation for making Mr. Wonderful and I happy.

And this place has all three factors.

Located on 15th Street in the Cherry Street District, you know when you walk into this place, that it’s going to be good.  The wait staff is smiling and greet you with genuine happiness.  One thing I’ve noticed in restaurants is, that if the wait staff gush about the place, it’s gotta be good.   And the staff were all too eager to talk about Andolini’s during our entire visit.

The inside of Andolini’s is set in what was originally an old school grocery store.  In fact, the eclectic but old world interior even has a rear wall that’s been stripped down to the original state,  and you can still see where it’s name (Sipes) is written on it.

There is  a lot of wood in the restaurant which gives it a “pub” feeling, from the bar…

To even the floors, which incidentally were pulled from old barns in the area.

Oh, by the way, at that bar? You can get some old fashioned cocktails, craft beer and craft wines at Andolini’s. They believe in people sitting down at a table and enjoying the company that is with them, so you won’t find a television set  either.

At Andolini’s, everything is fresh. In fact, our waiter Paul told us there aren’t even microwaves or freezers installed in the kitchen. From the house made mozzarella that they smoke themselves, to the San Marzano tomatoes (foodie heaven people!)  they drain and hand crush onto their pizzas, to the exciting offerings of toppings like eggplant, sopressata. sage sausage and a personal favorite of mine – Speck (a deboned ham that is salt and smoke cured, usually with juniper berries), I was literally anticipating our pizza with pleasure.

The pizza arrived and we were in awe.

Nevermind the sheer SIZE of the thing, it looked mouth watering and delicious.

This is one of Andolini’s Purple Label Luxury Pizzas.  It’s called the Demarco of Brooklyn and it’s twenty inches of pure pizza pie heaven.  The Bausch brothers’ father hails from New York City and this pizza is a homage to Dom Demarco of Di Fara on Avenue J in Brooklyn.

This pizza had the San Marzano tomatoes,  slices of their house made mozzarella, and fresh basil on it.

And just in case, that didn’t make your mouth salivate, we also got a fresh helping of Pecorino Romano cheese grated over the top.

And then Paul, bless his dear heart, drizzled some fruity olive oil right over it all.

It almost seems a crime to say this after that lead in, but Andolini’s also makes some other fabulous food besides pizza.

This Gourmet Mac and Cheese might  possibly be the best I’ve ever had.

Instead of shells, they use penne pasta, add some heavy cream, some of their fresh mozzarella, and also just for added measure, throw in some Pecorino Romano and Parmesan as well and bake it up till bubbly.

People rave about this Mac N Cheese so much, they decided to top a pizza with it.


They also have some mean looking Chicken Parmesan. And folks, this is NOT a faint of heart portion. (Please take note of the hefty slices of fresh moz layered in between!)

For dessert, we ordered an Italian Butter Cake, a fantastic concoction of pound cake and cheese cake topped with strawberries, drizzled with chocolate syrup and mounds of whipped cream.

(This was actually just a small sample, as we were literally busting at the seams already, and requested a smaller piece.)

I loved that they used recyclable paper goods, even for our to-go box.

I love that they have a sense of humor too.

They’re all about families and fun at Andolini’s and your kids won’t squirm and be bored due to the fact that they get a hunk of pizza dough to play with while they wait for their food.  Order them an order of Garlic Knots and they’ll be happy as pie! And don’t forget to sign the back of your menu before you leave.

Mr. Wonderful and I still talk about this place, weeks later.  It’s the type of place you’d make a drive for, the kind of food and the kind of service that left a wonderful impression on our culinary memory…

We’ll be going back to Andolini’s, I promise you and I encourage you to visit them at the Cherry Street location or their other location in Owasso.

Before you leave, check out the house made food items you can take home with you from the Andolini’s Market like their house made salad dressings, fresh mozzerella and smoked and cured meats.  I’ll be doing just that the next time I visit Tulsa, and I’ll be sure to stop by Andolini’s again!

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If you’re new to Tulsa or one of my Oklahoma City peeps, here is a map to show you the location!

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  • Nancy Jackson

    April 4, 2012 at 1:31 pm

    Looks like an awesome place!!
  • Fran J

    April 5, 2012 at 10:34 pm

    the food looks so fresh and tasty. I'd love to dig in to that pizza!

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