African Bush Jewelry Set

July 22, 2010Katie

This is the  jewelry I wore on my segment on Dishin on Rise & Shine and it’s gorgeous.

Please forgive me if I’ve chopped my head off in the above picture but I’ve been under the weather bigtime today, and believe me, you don’t want to see it and we’re focusing on the jewelry anyway.

I already told Mr. Wonderful I want this set.

Designed by my good friend Nancy at Dragon Fly In Amber Designs, this set is so cool.  It almost looks like it is made of bone, but in reality it’s ceramic beads.

The necklace is truly unique.

In addition to the ceramic beads, there are also round and square black beads and antique gold beads all linked together with beautiful antique gold chains.

But the truly special thing about this necklace is that each necklace can be worn individually or you can link them together to form one triple strand necklace.

So you could remove one and just wear two strands.

Or you could just wear one, if that’s what goes with your outfit for the day.

I also adore the bracelet.

And look at these earrings!

I love the detail work Nancy puts into her jewelry like the gorgeous clasps and the little dragonfly charm that is her signature detail.

If you like this set, or want to view more of Nancy’s gorgeous handmade jewelry, click here to visit her blog, or you can click here to go to her online store and purchase this set.

Or if you feel like donating it to your favorite blogger, I’m available for new jewelry anytime 🙂

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