A Week Off

October 24, 2011Katie

 Last week I played hooky from home.

As in, I left poor Mr. Wonderful for an entire week and went off by myself.

As in – I flew by myself.  I haven’t done that in many years…which made for some interesting plane companions.  Like the one elderly gentlemen who kept asking if he could borrow things (like a pen, or Kleenex).  Then there was the young Asian boy with 2 laptops (two?) who fell asleep and kept falling over on me.

I read The Help as I boarded airplanes and had layovers by myself.  I can’t remember the last time I read a book in the span of one week…there is never enough time!

I dined by myself at Wolfgang Puck’s Cafe in O’Hare Aiport in Chicago.  It was delicious.

And I visited my parents in Michigan for a week.

By myself.

I stayed in my old bedroom and my old bed.  It was a strange but nice feeling.  I had no stress, no obligations, no demands on me..except for my “retired” parents who are the busiest and most energetic people I know.

Now I know why they are never home to answer my phone calls.

 We visited apple orchards…we visited a farmer’s market, we ate lunch and lots of Italian food (more on these later).

Today, I am re-entering real life again.

I missed my husband and my kids…but my time with my Michigan family was a precious needed week away.

Remember to hold your loved ones dear today while you can.

 P.S.  Thanks to my cousin Diane for snapping some photos of me and my folks…I typically don’t end up in pictures as I’m the one taking them..she takes as many as I do!  Thanks Di!

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