A Saturday with Mr. Wonderful

April 11, 2009Katie

So, I am currently laid up with some kind of pulled muscle today which frustrates me to no end because I was just starting to like working out again!  While I’ve been ironing out the new look of this site, Mr. Wonderful has been elsewhere. 

Ever since we got this last year:boat1

our weekends are spent trying to figure out how to use it, where to use it and how to use it.

 In the summer we spend all Sunday after church with the kids and their friends out on one of our beautiful (snicker) lakes here nearby.  We ski, kneeboard, tube and…Mr. Wonderful’s new obsession…FISH! 


 Now this is what I get to see every time he comes home.dscn3785It makes him happy! 

From all the wives of fisherman, I say to you…


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