A Michigan Farmer's Market Trip

July 27, 2009Katie


Well, we made it through the 20- hour drive.  Actually it was  in closer to 18 hours.  The kids slept.  Boy did the kids sleep…



How in the world they sleep in these positions boggled our creaky, achy back, adult  minds.

We tottered off to bed at 3 a.m. and awoke to gorgeous weather in the 70’s.  Quite a refuge for us Oklahomans living in the 100’s lately.  We spent half the day out in my parents’ “nest” eating breakfast, lunch and just yakking.


Mom had all kinds of goodies for us for breakfast.  A huge box of Donna’s doughnuts always makes the kids jump out of bed and come running.

The flowers here are so pretty and thriving.  Not like ours at home that are begging for mercy from the fiery heat.  Mom’s nest is surrounded by some pretty perennials – bee balm, tall phlox, daisies and others.



The afternoon was spent at my brother’s pool.  I’m used to bath water in Oklahoma…this water was COLD!  But nothing daunts “the boys”.

conner pool


Mom and I and the girls went to get corn for dinner.  There is nothing, NOTHING I tell you, like the honey and cream corn from a local Michigan Farmer’s Market.   We went to Rich’s.


People in Michigan boldly advertise their pride in their state.  They believe they have the best hot dogs, cheese, apples, potatoes, strawberries, and any other item of produce you can find.  Just look at my dad’s shirt.  He is proud of his Michigan heritage.  I’m telling you – the corn wins ANY contest hands down!


We saw some beautiful stuff at Rich’s Market.


These berries called for me to be naughty and eat them right out of their little produce boxes.

Kayla begged her Nanny for peaches.


I was shocked and suprised to see okra amongst snap peas and green beans.  I hadn’t heard of okra until I moved to Oklahoma.


This is the item I am going back for.


 Amish garlic. 

When I asked Mr. Rich what was different about Amish garlic, he said it’s stronger…I have to have some!

We ate a dinner of BBQ, hash brown casserole, fresh melon and …cream and honey corn.  Oh my gosh.  I ate 2 1/2 pieces and man was I full.  This stuff is the best corn I’ve ever put in my mouth. Not to mention the Donna’s doughnuts for breakfast, and the crazy good peanut butter bars my mom made.

The girls and I have resolved to do P90x every day while we’re here so we don’t come back weighting 300 pounds.  Here was day 1.


See that person in the bottom right hand corner of that picture?  That would be me.  I have, shall we say, a little less energy than the girls.  Maybe it’s because they slept for 1/2 of the trip while we drove?

Yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.




  • jen Hocott-Riley

    August 4, 2009 at 2:44 pm

    How nice to see some Pics of MI. I miss it. My daughter is still breaking my heart and I fear I am falling into a depression. In my case all I want to do is sleep and not put any effort into anything. I need prayer. I just feel so heavy with her issues, I cried out to God in prayer last night as tears streamed down my face saying...Help Me God! I am so disappointed in her life choices. I keep thinking she knows better than this...where did I go so wrong? I am so hurt by her actions and she somehow cannot see my point of view. She is mad at me for not being more supprtive of her, is she kidding? It's just downright crazy to me. Well, I better go try to get motivated to make something for dinner. Thanks for your posts, they always make me smile. Where is your bro living nowadays anyways? Last I knew it was off Holly rd behind faith baptist. The pool looks nice. Love in Christ, Jen
  • Diane Rath

    August 5, 2009 at 10:30 am

    Katie, you better be careful or you'll be recruited to write for Midwest Living:) Great pics - the stuff really did look good!! Guess sometimes we take things like that for granted.

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