A Fish Story

August 1, 2011Katie

You may have heard me whining a bit of late about the temperatures here in Oklahoma.

Due to the extreme blazing sun and temperatures in increase of one hundred degrees, our city lakes are not faring well.  Many of them have dropped dramatically in water levels over the summer, causing it to be a danger to boaters everywhere.  Most of us with boats do not wish to kill our motors by running aground. 

There are also reports of things like e-coli and blue algae and other things that make one not want to touch the water or fish in our lakes.

This past weekend, Mr. W and I could stand it no longer.   We missed the blue sky, the water, hot as it may be, and we missed the sailboat views.


We headed out to Lake Hefner.  It’s our local city lake smack dab in the center of our area of town.  We putter around out there on date nights, sometimes taking a picnic, sometimes eating across the water at the East Wharf restaurants and sometimes…

We fish.

I use the term “we” rather loosely.  Many times, Mr. Wonderful is fishing away while I sit on a cushy seat in the boat, book or magazine in hand pouring languorously over their pages. Sometimes I sit in the fading light, laptop in hand, writing. 

I write wonderfully when out in nature…it brings out the spirit in my writing.

But sometimes I really do grab a pole and toss it out.

Sometimes, the Mr. W has to untangle me from a mess.

But tonight, the sun sank low onto the horizon.

The stars aligned in the sky…and

I caught a fish.

Not a little one…but a pretty doggone good size one for Lake Hefner.

 And it was pretty exciting.

Exciting enough that I stood there and held that slimy, e-coli, blue algae infested slimy scaly thing for a picture.




  • Joy

    August 1, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    I love this story!
  • Cheryl Jones

    August 2, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    Sounds like a nice evening....

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