A Christmas Party Just for Girls

December 19, 2009Katie

Last night we had my work Christmas Party.

Except Mr. Wonderful wasn’t invited to mine.

My party is just with all the girls that I work with.  We do a cookie swap party.  Each of us bakes 6 dozen cookies.  Then we box them up and bring them to work.

We make some kind of easy food.  Remember, the cookie/craft part is the star of the show so you want to do something homey and simple.  Last night my boss Beth made 2 huge crockpots of black bean soup.  Everyone brought fixins like cornbread, chips and salsa, a veggie tray and bread.  You already know what I made – Green Chile Salsa Bites.

We ate and yakked.

Then we scrapped.

Not as in fighting.  As in scrapbooking.  Beth is the queen of scrapbooking.

This is just a miniscule amount of the stuff she has.  She’s building a new house and has an entire room dedicated to scrapbooking/stamping/crafts.

We are the lucky benefactors of her knowledge.

She buys these kits.

And then she comes up with a plan for us.  And get this…instead of photo books, we make recipe books!

Everyone prints out 10 copies of the cookie recipe they brought.  We create these adorably cute and Christmas themed recipe books of cookie recipes.

We sit and scrap at a long table.  We fight over scissors and hole punches and cutters.

Beth designs and instructs.

Sometimes she has to tell us to shut up and calm down.  We get a little out of hand.  You know, ten women won’t ever really shut up and listen.  We all think we know what to do.

Until we glue something to our forehead.  Then we shut up.

Beth does so much work on this for us.  We probably really have no idea how much.  It’s her Christmas present to us.  And we love it!

I wish you could hear the conversations that go on at this table.

Andy, Stephanie, Debbie & Jeanette

Something about someone almost fighting someone else over a pink pig pillow at Steinmart?

Here’s another great idea…Mila brought her daughter with her.  This would be a super fun Mom/Daughter party.

This is Pam.  Pam and I are counterparts at work.  We fought over scissors.

We were perfectionists through the first 5 pages, and then we were slapping glue around like crazy women.

“That’s crooked.”

“Oh, that’s what makes it look authentically homemade”.

Afterward, we take a tray and go through and take our portion of each person’s cookies.

Then we take them home to our eagerly awaiting families who devour them.

But we get first dibs in the car on the way home.

I love these ladies.  It is truly a joy to work with them every day.  We are a blessed bunch.

Thanks to Beth for such a great yearly tradition.

Merry Christmas Ladies! Thanks for a wonderful night!

And give me my scissors back!



  • NannyRuth

    December 19, 2009 at 9:49 am

    That was fun looking at your pictures and of course reading all your funny comments along with them. Nice bunch of gals you work with!

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