Moore tornado damage

A Brief View of the Moore Destruction

May 27, 2013Katie

Yesterday Mr. Wonderful, Kayla, and I happened to be very close to where the Moore tornado hit. We were attending a family get together to see his niece Andrea, her husband John, and their adorable son Ryker, all of who were passing through on their next military assignment to Kansas.


That’s them with Mr. W.’s brother Bobby above!

There were a million of us at my sister-in-laws house, who lives very close to where the tornado hit.


In fact, she lives so close, that the day of the Moore tornado, her neighbor across the street took this picture of the destructive tornado behind her house.

Moore tornado
Thankfully, Cheryl’s house wasn’t hit.

Anyway, we were driving past the destruction yesterday and I captured this video on my iPad. We all sat in silence. It felt irreverent to even talk, or maybe it was just too difficult, I’m not sure. There are no words really, even for a writer to describe what on feels upon seeing this…except that my heart hurt.


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