A 6 Month Old Living Doll

September 12, 2012Katie

Last weekend, our kids Chris and Laura asked me if I’d take some photos of their sweet lil darling Emelia.

I wondered, what do you do with a 6 month old who is just barely learning to sit up …at a park?

The answer?

A wicker basket and a blanket or two.

Look at her just sitting in that basket like a queen, looking at us like..”Hey look at me.  I’m chillin.”

This little girl had so many expressions to capture.  Like this one. “Yo,  wassup Gramma?”

And this one…” I am SOOOO funny! Don’t you think I’m funny?”

Or this one. “I am the cutest little mermaid, and I know it. Tell me I’m cute…TELL ME!”

I’m pretty sure right here she’s thinking “This is the life. Relaxing back in my own little cushy basket while all these crazy family members make a fuss over me. I am NOT gonna smile cuz I think ya’ll are quacked.”

Or my personal favorite.  “Gramma, would you PLEASE help me get this thing in my mouth so I can chew on it?”

Whatever the case, this is one beautiful little baby girl isn’t it?

We just wuv her to pieces.


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