5 Parties in a Week – the Holiday Crazies

December 16, 2009Katie

This week has been full of parties.

Party One – Chris’ Birthday.  We had a crab boil.

Seriously, if you’ve never done a crab boil before, you haven’t lived.

No kidding.

It is such a fun, interactive thing to do with your family/friends.  And the cleanup involves no dishes, rolling the entire mess up in newspaper, and throwing it away when done. Learn how to do a Crab Boil here.

We had a ball with the kids eating seafood off the table and celebrating Chris’ birthday.  There was a cookie cake involved as well.

Need I say more?

Party Two – Mr. Wonderful’s work party.

Mr. Wonderful changed jobs this year, and for the first time ever, we got to clean ourselves up, wear fine clothes and go to a fancy Christmas Party.  Be still my heart.  That man in a tux makes my heart just go pitter patter.

The food was fabulous, and we actually got to sit with Jason and Lindsay. I met a bazillion new people.  It was nice to step out on the town together, even if it was bitter cold.
Here’s a randon thought…why do men always get to wear nice warm tuxes while we wear sheer sequined outfits anyway?

Party three – I hosted a home party of a couple different products – Pampered Chef and Scentsy.

I wound up with a lot of new kitchen gadgets as hostess points which you all will be seeing soon on Dishin.  See that man chopping the onion? That’s Bill.  I didn’t know Bill until this party.

Bill needs his own cooking show.  He kind of took over.
And he was funny.

Party Four – Conner’s birthday.

Twenty or so crazy teenagers invaded my house for lasagna and fun.  We played games and ate..you got it…another cookie cake…

Wait…TWO cookie cakes.

And 7 or 8 boys stayed at my house until 5 P.M. the next evening when I told them there was no longer any food left.  They wiped it all out.

Teenage boys would eat Spam if you put it out on a plate.

Party Five – Dinner’s for Twelve.

There was a whole lotta kissin goin on.

Come to think of it, there was no mistletoe either.

This is a monthly small group from our church.  There’s always a theme – Fall Harvest, Tailgating, Around the World.

This month was Appetizers – Sweet & Savory.

There was plenty of both. And it was all amazingly wonderful.

The parties were fun.  The week was insanely crazy.

By Sunday, all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and watch the Hallmark Channel for hours.

Come to think of it, I did.



  • bunny

    December 17, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    That is CRAZY, but looks like lots of fun. PS, Your hubby is a hottie and ya'll are a FINE looking couple in your formal wear!

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