4 Wheeling Part Deuce

September 29, 2011Katie

I was looking through some photos today and realized I never continued with my 4-Wheeling Story from Arizona.

When I last left off – I was on the glorified go-kart while the boys were playing with the 4-wheelers.

However, the go-kart didn’t have gears, and a clutch and the POWER that the 4-wheelers do….and they don’t tip over very often and kill people.

Not that I thought of that.

However, finally my brother-in-law Pat, in his ultra-calm way, gave me instructions on exactly what to do.


And I had that cool helmet, although can I just say?  Men-folk had been wearing those..

And sweating…

And there’s dirt on top of the sweat.

Still the alternative, of my head being crushed?

I endured it.

Then Pat sent me on a straight-a-way to play with the clutch and the gears and the brakes.

Brakes are very important when on machines…did you know that?



And you know what?

I absolutely loved it.


It’s been months, and I still have the bug to do it again.


Pat & Wendy? Are you ready for another visit?


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