1889 Land Run Cafe

April 5, 2011Katie

The Land Run Cafe
1 N. Broadway Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Phone: 405-235-2780
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Mr. Wonderful and I ventured out to visit 1889 Land Run Cafe this week. We hadn’t been here before. The restaurant is located right inside the door of the Sheraton in downtown Oklahoma City.  The Sheraton has been re-vamped and so has the restaurant over the past couple of years.  The improvements were needed and they have done a good job of making this place upgraded and classier.

Parking is always a concern when heading downtown to eat and we were happy to find out the restaurant offers free valet parking.

You’ll see it as soon as you go through the main glass doors of the hotel front. It’ll be directly to your left.

The ambiance is nice. The eatery displays changing local artists (100% of proceeds go to the artist) works on the walls.

The tables are nicely set with fresh flowers and crisp linen napkins.

And we were met by the nicest Restaurant Supervisor – Eva (pronounced eh-vuh).

We talked with Eva at great length about the changes being made (and many that have already been made) to the restaurant.  Eva hails from Bulgaria and has the cutest accent.  She was such a pleasure to talk with and she is continually thinking of ways to polish the restaurant service and food to make it fun and draw people into 1889.  So you should go see her!

Restaurant people are some of the nicest and most passionate people you will ever meet.  Get to know them and you will hear of their love for the art of the cuisine.

The staff wanted us to try a sampling of several different appetizers so they started with this…

It is days later and this picture still makes me hungry.  This was memorable…and I want another one…now.

This was one of the hand-made pizzas ($9) with sliced Portobello mushrooms, cherve and mozzarella cheese and it was pure yumminess.

Next up we were served some samples of the Baby-Back Ribs ($9 for 1/2 rack), the Calamari ($9), Caesar Salad ($5/$9) and Broiled Shrimp Scampi ($17 entree).

All were hot and delicious…I especially liked the ribs.

And bread? These bread offerings were big winners to me.  Going along with the Southwest theme, they arrived in a mini-cast iron skillet.

The cornbread had pieces of whole corn, jalepenos and cheddar cheese….it was moist on the inside and crispy on the outside from the iron skillet and I truly loved this…BIG winner I say.

The biscuits also had cheddar in them and cracked black pepper.

Again, major delicious.

We were presented with a couple of wine offerings during the evening.  The first was a Kung Fu Girl Reisling (2010) from Washington State.  It has tones of flowers and fruit and was an off-dry white wine.

The other was a Rex Goliath Pinot Noir.

Served up, I might add by our friendly waitress Nikki! (Just ask her about her kids, she loves them QUITE a lot!).

This went really nicely with my entree…the Grilled Atlantic Salmon that had been rubbed with sea salt, black pepper and had a nice dollop of citrus-herb butter that had melted all over it.

It was served with a side of smashed potatoes…I believe they were Yukon golds and they had a smoked cheddar in them and were really good and the grilled asparagus was smoky-grilled as well.  This was really delicious.

As usual, I dined on seafood and Mr. Wonderful dined on good ol’ red beef – The Red Rock Canyon Rib-eye.

This was center-cut Sterling beef rubbed with cracked black pepper and grilled the way we like it – medium to medium rare.  It also had the smashed potatoes and asparagus. And it was huge…Mr. Wonderful brought half of this home.

You know we wouldn’t walk away from the table without trying their desserts, and even though we were happily stuffed, Eva sent us out some special sweets and coffee.

Why is restaurant coffee always so good?

Lucky  me, Mr. Wonderful is not a fan of the brulee so I got to enjoy this Vanilla Creme Brulee all to myself.

This was exactly what Creme Brulee  should be.  Shatteringly crispy and pleasantly burnt on top, and creamy and wonderfully thick and rich inside with the intense flavor of Madagascar vanilla beans.  I was a pleased woman with this, one of my favorite desserts.

Mr. W got to enjoy the Molten Chocolate Cake.

The top was like a crisp browny crust but inside was warm chocolate ganache and was capped off with a scoop of coffee ice cream.  He did offer me a bite and…oh my!


We left, warm, smiling and blissfully full and walked outside amidst the twinkling lights in the trees…and it was a good night my friends.

A few added notes to tell you about 1889.  They have several gourmet pizza choices, as well as sandwiches, soup and salad. They offer Tazo teas, Starbucks coffee,  gourmet sodas and even organic soy milk along with their drink and wine list.

If you can make it between 5-6, they offer a daily special for $17 (add a glass of wine for $3) and you’ll get a entree, salad, and dessert.

And that’s just dinner…I’ve not even moved on the Lunch menu  where you have a choice of Big Plates or Small Plates, daily special like Pot Roast and Chicken Pot Pie.

And for the kiddies?  There is a $4 kid menu made to please them as well.

1889 also serves breakfast as well offering a Breakfast buffet with fruits,  yogurt, breakfast meats and made to order omelettes and waffles and fresh fruit.

If you’re in the downtown area or just feel like making a drive, try 1889 soon.

And bring me a Portabello Pizza please.

I need another one!

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