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March 31, 2010Katie

My folks are in town this week and last night we tried a new place – 1492.

1492 is a Latin themed restaurant that serves a fusion of Latin cuisine but also has a Tex-Mex pleasing offering for those who don’t want fancy-schmancy or might not want the exoticness of a Latin cuisine.

The entire front and side of the restaurant is glassed windows, which gives a light and airy feeling the to the respective dining rooms.

The tables are set with cloths, cloth napkins and the ambiance is elegant and semi-casual. 

The bathrooms have an added elegant touch of freshly-rolled, individual cloth towels that made us feel special.

 Our waiter immediately came out for drink orders and brought us a load of chips and salsa.

Mr. Wonderful enjoyed these and will kill me for posting this picture of him enjoying them.

Sweetie, I know you love being married to a food blogger doncha?

Maybe he won’t read this.

The chips are extra large and thick, and we thought the salsa was pretty good, although not anything to write home about.  I’ve had the same type of salsa at many places, but still, it wasn’t bad.  We enjoyed it.

 I opted for the Taquitos De Cameron ($17) which were large shrimp that had been chopped and grilled together with mushrooms, bacon and green onions in some kind of spicy sauce and served up in warm corn tortillas.  They came with a side of coconut rice topped with sliced avocados and fried plaintains.  They also came with a bowl of black beans.

I loved everything about this except the coconut rice.  For some reason it seemed way to sweet. It was strongly flavored with coconut (I assume coconut milk) but it tasted like it had a bunch of sugar added.  While I loved the flavor of the coconut, I would have preferred it to be balanced out with lime, cilantro or jalepeno or something to cut through the sweetness.

The tacos were wonderful, the plaintains a little treat, and the beans were outstanding and tasted like a good bean soup with ham base and some kick to them.

My Dad got something off the special menu $15) – while I can’t remember the name, it was chipotle mashed potatoes, topped with a grilled fresh slice of pineapple, grilled pork tenderloin, and then capped off with some fresh pico de gallo.

He enjoyed this with the exception of the potatoes being too spicy for him.  If you are faint of heart in the heat department, be cautioned on this.

Mom ordered the traditional 1492 Chicken Fajitas ($12.50).


They came out with beans, rice, and guacamole.

They looked to be typical fajitas and she enjoyed them, although, this is a large order for one and she took half of it home.

Mr. Wonderful ordered a  beef chimichanga ($15) off the Specials menu stuffed with Venezuelan shredded brisket, plantains and rice and it was fabulous.  It came with an  amazing warm sour cream/chipotle sauce and some grilled veggies that were to die for.  Just as soon as we locate the picture he took of it, I’ll get it up here.

 We saw an Apple Chimichanga with caramel sauce and fresh strawberries go by that turned our heads, but we were just too full to order one.  It looked fabulous and could easily be shared by four people.

We really enjoyed 1492 and will most certainly be visiting this place again.  I am anxious to try some more of their cuisine.  It was delicious.

1207 N. Walker
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
website  (website is currently under construction)
(I found what seems to be the site also at this link)click on New Menu here – menu link

Looking for 1492? Here’s a map to help you!

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  • tickledred

    March 31, 2010 at 3:36 pm

    The Chicken Fajita's look yummy that your mom ordered. looks like you all had a great time out :)
  • Annette

    May 17, 2010 at 10:42 am

    You should save room for Tres Leches cake next time! I go there specifically for the cake!
  • Best Edinburgh Italian Restaurant

    July 23, 2010 at 9:32 am

    Often restaurant reviews don't quite hit the mark, but on this occassion I agree with absolutely everything you've said. How do you think it to your favourite restaurant of all time?

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