As if we don’t have to worry about enough around here with tornadoes, we can now add flooding to the list.

Today I headed off to work not realizing that in a few short hours, Oklahoma City would look like this.

And this.

And oh boy…this.

I am now at work, wondering what I’ll eat for lunch (I have nothing here!), how and if  I’ll get home.  I drove our little car today to work instead of my SUV as Mr. Wonderful was having some car issues checked out today on mine.

I can’t resist posting this one, cuz it just cracks me up.

People from all over the city are being sent home from their jobs.  Others have been trying to get to their jobs and have been trying for 2 hours.

The latest Twitter update from the City is telling people to “STAY HOME”! 

If this doesn’t stop, would someone please send me an Ark?

I’d most appreciate it.

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