What is Your Favorite Comfort Food When Sick?

August 7, 2010Katie

So this morning I woke up early – like sevenish with the most awful splitting headache. I went out to the kitchen to get some ibuprofen and by the time I got back in the bedroom, I knew it was more than just a headache.

It was the tummy flu.

I won’t fill you in on the unpleasantness that followed, but I went back to bed shaking and worn out an hour later and slept until two p.m.

Whatever it was, it was so awful that at one point I considered driving myself to the hospital to see if I had food poisoning. I haven’t felt that bad in a long time.

By about 5 p.m., I considered getting something to eat, just to be able to try the ibuprofen again and have something in my tummy. I started with crackers and I had a few memories along the way.

Growing up, when we were sick, my mom always had the same routine when we were sick. Nothing in our stomach for several hours after the last trip to the bathroom to throw-up. Then she brought us a small cup of ice chips.

If that stayed down, we graduated to soda crackers and a small glass of cola.

Many of my friends find that odd, because almost everyone I know got Sprite instead when they were sick. Still, even though I don’t drink soda at all anymore, when I get sick, I still crave a good class of Coca Cola poured over ice.

The other thing my mom used to make us was soft boiled eggs. This was actually a little genius of my Mom, because it didn’t required frying them in grease or butter and they were full of protein to help us get our strength back.

Guess what I ate tonight at 5 o’clock?

I suppose due to the fact that Mom made this at a time I needed to be comforted, it became one of my most-loved comfort foods, which you may already know if you read my post Saturday Morning Breakfast – Girl Comfort Food. I’ve also learned how to make the perfect soft-boiled egg and described how to do it there.

What about you?

Do you have a favorite food to eat when you’re sick? Is it directly related to something your Mom fixed you when you were sick?

I bet there are quite a variety of foods out there.

Because we’re all a little different.


  • Judy Knight

    August 7, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    Katie, when I was sick there was a bottle of Coca Cola syrup in the fridge. I took 3 tbsp. every 15 minutes until I was no longer sick. The Coke Syrup came from the pharmacy. At some point, they quit selling it there and I had to go to wholesaler that sold candy, etc. to buy it. My kids also used the Coke syrup when they were sick until we ran out and couldn't get it anymore.
  • Laura Johnstonbaugh

    August 8, 2010 at 8:39 am

    you poor lady!!!! i'm so sorry you're feeling so bad. praying for a quick recovery! i can't recall very well what my mom used to do. juice was her thing. all kinds. o and some soup. makes me sick thinking of it. ha love you. feel better!!!
  • Cheryl Jones

    August 8, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    Canned Peaches, Rice, or Oatmeal....or all of them.

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