So I”m off this morning to find an “Urban Chic” outfit for ARTini, a local art auction being put on to help raise money for the Oklahoma City arts.  It’s not too late for you to go! Allied Arts has raised 2.89 million dollars for our local arts here in OKC.  That’s incredible!  Read more about this event here.

While the main jist of this event will be some of my favorite restaurants competing to see who can make the best martini, I am more excited about the appetizers they’ll be making.  Seriously, look at this lineup -1492: New World Latin Cuisine, Bin 73, Deep Fork Grill, Iguana Mexican Grill, Museum Café, Paseo Grill, Picasso Cafe, Prohibition Room, Rococo Restaurant and Fine Wine, Trattoria Il Centro and Western Concepts Restaurant Group.  ALL my favs!  Today is cheat day on the eating right program I’m on and I plan on tasting all of these!

I looked up ‘Urban Chic’ on the web this week because there was a little confustion on what in the world that was…

Yeah, she’s got that whole Ann Hathaway thing going on from the Devil Wears Prada.  Too goth for me..

I love this, but the tennis shoes may be a bit too casual for this event.  Lately, all I’ve been buying is gray.  I wonder what that says about me? Hmmm.

This one looks promising…

I can do this.

But this….hmmm.

Cute, but …no.

Hmm…not sure about tying my shirt up…no.  But some things work in this for me.  I prefer the outfit on the right.

No, no, no, no and NO!

Although Tori could pull this off, I’m sure.


I may go for something like this, I have many weddings coming up that I could use something like this for.  Probably NOT finding those shoes tho.  And aren’t they crazy…and beautiful?

More on this event later.  I’m excited!

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