Wednesday, Mr. W and I got to see the new Freedom 43 set when we arrived to do my segment on Rise & Shine.  Freedom 43 is the new name of OK43 or KAUT43 as we used to know it.  It will be more of a mainstream station, and has a whole new look.  They are focusing on patriotism, Oklahoma based landmarks, sites and fun places to visit.  It may be a bit awkward at first, but overall, I love the concept!

We arrive and drove around back , past the empty helipad.  Chopper 4 is always busy!

Then continued on around the back of the building.

This is a vehicle that a normal garage can’t handle.

Then we headed in..

And we entered the new set.  Hi Mr. Wonderful!

The new set of Freedom 43 is a vintage warehouse looking set in a Patriotic tone…I really like it.

**Side Note…found out later that day, my daughter-in-law’s step-mom painted the murals on the set.  Small world!  Here she is with Lance!

Those stairs didn’t get left during construction, they are even part of the set…do you know where they lead?

Nowhere!!  They’re just part of the whole “warehouse feel”.

I like the collage of HD screens and the beautiful curtains on one side of the set.

The thing I like about the set is that it’s smaller and we’re all kind of in one tangible area now..


And if you look way over to the far side where that wood cabinet is?  That’s my cooking set, and we roll it over to the distressed wall with the fans during the segment.

And one of my favorite people is there making it all work..Robert the laughing camera guy!  Hi Robert!

Robert quit moving so I can don’t have a blurry picture! What’re you working or something?!!

I love the new set concept.  I love that the show is featuring our military, things like Route 66 and other things in down-home Oklahoma!

Check it out for yourself weekdays at 7:15 a.m on Freedom 43!
Here’s a panormic view of our set if you’d like to see more! Click here



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