We are a great team. 

I prep, he grills.

Doggone he sure looks good doing it too.

Even in those khaki camo shorts and black and gray funky Jesus shirt that don’t match and don’t coordinate with their two different patterns.  You can’t see the Perry Topsiders he’s got on either. 


Anyway, last night was our weekly date night, the boy was gone, we had the house to ourselves and decided to stay home, cook-out and sit on the patio together.

I love grilling season.  We grilled some shrimp brushed with our favorite thing – sweet chili sauce. 

Also over the coals  gas were some tilapia fillets skewered to hold some fresh basil leaves and lemon slices. 

In the veggie department we simply brushed thinly-cut, long strips of zucchini  and fresh asparagus spears with olive oil, salt and pepper.

I was very fond of the shrimp skewers.

We lit the Tiki torches and just relaxed and actually spent some time without the TV and the computer, and whatever else distracts us in the house.  I fell in love with the Grill Master.

Look at that little turkey down below, trying to interrupt our moment.  But we showed him.

Is that an “I’m in time out” face or what?

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