Sometimes, I don’t know why we do the things we do.

Well, yes I do.  We actually love it.  Maybe love is too strong a word…

Call us crazy, but last night we had a boatload of kids over from our youth group to watch the Big Game.

This was the scene looking out my front door and down the street.

Keep in mind, that was only one direction.  It was equally as long, or longer the other way and this was still very early on.

I wasn’t nervous when the first 20 or so showed up.  I’m used to that. 

When the group came after the church 4 PM service, that’s when I began to sweat a little.

Pretty soon, it was wall-to-wall teenagers.  The dogs were running around with a terrified look in their eyes that I felt echoed the look in mine.  We rescued them and locked them up in a bedroom.

The youth leaders all hid upstairs in the kids’ upstairs living area.

The big chickens!

I worked all day fixing food and getting ready for them, BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs, chili, queso, pizza rolls, taquitos, desserts, and chips and pop arrived to feed a small army –

Or 60 teenagers. 

I had some helpers that were a God-send to me.  These two especially – Caitlyn and Mariah.

These two girls rolled some mean pigs-n-a-blanket, which quite frankly went faster than anything served.  Teenagers can eat a TON of  those things.

The kitchen table was full of girls who only looked up from yakking when the boys hollering reached a discomfort level.

Or when those talking babies came on the screen.

There were a few who were glued to the game however.

And my son and a few of his friends escaped to watch from the balcony that he can walk out onto outside his bedroom.

This makes a mom more than a little nervous.  But believe me, I understood where they were coming from trying to escape the claustrophic wall-to-wall throng of kids.

Me? At this point, I had retreated to a corner somewhere to quietly curl up in a ball and suck my thumb.  I did crawl out at some point when it was over….

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